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One Night Stand

Last night I was out with some friends and the topic of one night stands came up.  One of my friends, a guy, has never had one and couldn’t exactly wrap his head around the concept of how they happen(really).  Well, I’ll be honest, I’ve had a few.  Not recently.  Not in years, in fact.  And, oddly enough, 2 of my one night stands turned into relationships.  In other words, on 2 separate occasions, I met a guy in a bar, had sex with him the night we met with NO expectation of ever seeing him again and then that turned into a relationship.  Stranger things have happened, I guess.

Btw, I’m not a big fan of one night stands.  It’s a quality control thing.  There’s no way of knowing what you’re going to get, in terms of sex (great, good, bad, horrible) with the guy you pick.  Which is why I’m such a big fan of having a .  FB=known quality.

Anyway, this week’s poll is a little different in that I’m asking about facts.  Not what would you do, or should you do – but what have you done. I’m breaking this up by gender, just because I’m curious.   Have you ever had a ?

  • I’m a guy, and yes. (58 votes)
  • I’m a guy, and no. (30 votes)
  • I’m a woman, and yes. (104 votes)
  • I’m an woman, and no. (43 votes)
  • It’s complicated. (please explain in the comments) (9 votes)

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12 to “One Night Stand”

  1. starangel82 says:

    I’ve never been able to stomach a one night stand. I just can’t do them. I came close one time, but just couldn’t… so I called my FB instead.

  2. DaveTheBrit says:

    I’ve had 3 one night stands in my life.

    1 = turned into a 4 year relationship, not like that though, I spent the night and we both knew what was what. Then saw her again and hit it off when we weren’t both drunk.

    1 = she left early, as she didn’t want to do one night stands any more

    last one = most recent, went back to hers, awkward situation with on a pull out bed, she wasn’t great, a bit of a one sided foreplay, didn’t reciprocate.

    So I’m all for FB’s too, as long as you find someone on your same level and don’t want to take any further. I had an FB for a while, but the sex deteriorated in the end and lost the fun.

  3. Disenchanted Euro Guy says:

    Good post, but you should’ve elaborated a lil more. I’m trying to decide whether im disturbed or intrigued by the fact that in your poll more women than men have had one night stands. Hmmmm!

  4. Honey (and Lance) says:

    Disenchanted Euro guy, actually they’re pretty similar. The bars are misleading because they represent the number of respondants who chose that answer, and it looks skewed because more women have answered. As I’m commenting, 22 women said they had a one-night stand, out of 26 women respondents (84.6% of women). OTOH, 14 men said they had a one-night stand, out of 17 male respondents (82.3% of men). So while the women do have a slight edge, it’s actually not by much.

  5. John Smit says:

    I’ve had a bunch over the last couple of years. Every time it happens I treat it like it’s the last time it will ever happen and the sex is usually amazing (and fun). I’ve also found the best times I’ve had have been when the person (woman) is in an unhappy marriage and wants some of that long lost excitement back in her life.

  6. DateratLarge says:

    It’s so interesting you posted this today, I was JUST thinking about one night stands (which I’ve had, also not recently, not that I’m judging!) along with the other “typical” sexcapade things I’ve done/not done. I think I turned out with quite a nice resume, actually 😉

  7. tyler sid says:

    I have had many of them…it’s no big deal…and sure a fuck buddy is better than a one night stand as to regards to quality control but I say let the good times roll..

  8. Shannia says:

    the only one night stand i had turned into a 3 year relationship. who would’ve thought.

  9. Felix Diamond says:

    Yeah, had it a few times now. It is fun because it is something out of the regular. For a guy not into a serious relationship, it is difficult not to whenever the opportunity presents itself.

  10. MizIndecisive says:

    I’ve had my share of one nighters ove the years-the spectacular, the bad, the so-so and the wtf was I thinking varieties. I agree…Fuck buddies are so great because you already know what to expect. You know you are going to be satisfied, you can be sure he is not carrying any nasty bugs. Ya just gotta be careful about that attachment thing…

  11. Kolea says:

    Ha! Just had a one nighter last weekend after an embarrassingly long dry spell. It was one of the first times I felt like, I dunno. An adult? Drunken college hook ups are definitely not the same as hitting it off with a stranger and going back to his place…and yet it’s the first time I haven’t been waiting for his phone call. Strange, but cool. Would do it again.

  12. iFlirt says:

    Just one question, why do some guys make you their fuck buddy (FuBu) (FB) but only do it with you once? (They themselves tell that you may be his FB)

    Well, I had 2 out of 5 guys saying that. 1 was SOOO hot so I got depressed (LMAO) that he didnt reply to my message anymore. 😐 (Yeah, I kinda SMS’d him once. Just once. And regretted I sent it since he didn’t reply.)