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Don’t Forget

Sorry guys, this is one of my non-post posts.  There are just so many things going on, so many moving pieces, I want to make sure everyone is in the loop.

First off, today is the last day of the Who Has the Best Online Dating Profile Contest (click here for more info).  It’s been a lot of fun for me, checking out all of the great profiles from daters all over the world.  And, in a lot of ways, it’s helped to reaffirm what I already believed – that there are LOTS of awesome people out there in land.

Next up, I want to remind you all again that I’m going to be packing up the blog and moving soon.  My original plan was to do it by the end of November, but a big new work project bumped the move to the backburner.  Right now it looks like it will happen right around Xmas.  My url will stay the same, but I’ll be self-hosting using a WordPress theme.  The change will affect everyone who currently follows me via the OnSugar network.  If you’re one of those people, I hope you’ll consider following me via RSS.

Lastly, I was totally serious about my request for More Audience Participation. I have to create a whole new profile, from scratch, before I can email any of those guys (my least favorite thing about is that you can’t hide a profile, it’s either active or deleted and so when I decided to take a break from dating I deleted mine).  But I’m planning on getting my new profile up (with new pics, as the old pics are a year old now) and initiating communication with some of the guys you suggested and will report back as to how that goes.  I’d love additional suggestions (think of the “how we met story”).

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4 to “Don’t Forget”

  1. Tahoe Bill says:

    Very cool that you are soliciting input. I think we assume that if we just find someone who meets our criteria, it will be all good. But I think a lot of times we are disappointed in someone not because they don’t meet our criteria, but because they DO! It will be interesting to see if outside suggestions help.

    I would love to contribute, but I get really discouraged, depressed, and feeling sorry for the girls when I look at guys’ profiles so I am going to go look at squirrel, puppy, and kitten videos instead.

  2. Simone Grant says:

    -Tahoe Bill
    I figure there’s no harm in soliciting input. I get the sense that I’m a lot less emotionally invested in the whole online dating thing than you are. Disappointed, discourage, depressed? Those are things I might feel about dating when a real live, flesh and blood person is involved. I can’t get that worked up about a nonperson/profile.

  3. Azarel says:

    quick tip for the website move… add sociable’s nifty facebook connect plugin …its pretty damn useful for the majority of your readers who are too lazy to sign up BUT have a facebook account :P (yea, i’m one of ‘em :) )

  4. Tahoe Bill says:

    LOL, I think my earlier comment did not come across as intended.

    I meant that I have looked at GUYs’ profiles in the past, and have not been all that impressed. Putting myself in your shoes, so to speak, left me feeling very sympathetic, and I could see where it might be very discouraging. (I do think you girls should insist on the bar being raised! lol)

    Anyway, sorry for the confusion. The soliciting input audience participation thing is a great idea, and fun–good luck!