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Top 7 First Date Ideas, Encore Edition

It’s funny how, now that I have this blog, just about every conversation can be turned into a conversation about dating.  I’d just helped a friend move into a new and we were sitting and talking about a great bakery/ place just a couple of blocks from his new place.  As an addendum to my recommendation I mentioned, “but it’s horrible for dates”.

At which point we discussed the place’s pros and cons for dating:  very public, great coffee, hard to get a table, loud/bad acoustics, centrally located/easy to get to.  And then we compared it to some other coffee places, i.e., the local Starbucks.  None of us were fans of that for dates, either.

Anyway, the conversation made me think of an old post I wrote on the topic of first dates.  And since it’s Thanksgiving weekend and I’m trying to give myself a teensy break, well…

From Top 7 Ideas,

“Key to planning your first date is realizing that your goal for the date should be pretty simple: you want to get to know each other just a little bit better and decide if you’d like to have another date.  Note – I didn’t say, to get laid.  That could happen, sure.  But I firmly believe that if you go into your date with that as your goal then your head is in the wrong place.  And, needless to say, if that’s your goal, these suggestions probably aren’t for you.

Let’s be honest, it really doesn’t take that much time to figure out if you’d like to get to know someone better.  Plus, a smart dater realizes that it takes a lot of first dates to meet a person you’d like to have a relationship with. So, it makes sense to plan a short date, one that could be over in as little as 30 minutes if the two of you aren’t hitting it off.

Below are my Top 7

  1. Meet for coffee or some other hot beverage. Try, if at all possible, to avoid the major chains unless you really do stop by Starbucks on a regular basis.
  2. Go for a walk. I do this a lot during the summer.  Some of my best first dates have been for leisurely walks in the park.”

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3 to “Top 7 First Date Ideas, Encore Edition”

  1. Singletude says:

    I still need a definition of one-night stand. Is it only when you sleep with someone you’ve just met that day, or can it be when you sleep with someone you’ve known a little while but never have sex with again? Does it count as a one-night stand if you didn’t expect it to be, or do both people have to understand from the outset that it’s just a one-time thing?

    • I would say that a one night stand is probably a date in which you never see each other again and no that going in. It’s usually the mentality of I am going to have some fun with no strings attached and just have a fun memory. That’s my two cents singletude.

  2. Tequila says:

    Many people want different dating experiences other than the normal dinner and movie. Maybe lets do something neither one of us has done on our first date like a bike ride,wine tasting or even a helicopter ride.