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Hide and Seek

Friday night was the 2010 NYC Sex Blogger Calendar Release Party (not to worry if you missed the party, you can – and should – buy your calendars online).  Sadly, I was only able to pop by for a little while.

It was quite the party.  The place was packed.  So much so that I didn’t get to see a couple of friends who were there the same time as I was.  It was just too crowded to get through the rooms.

But of course, there I was, trying to have fun with friends when I see some guy I went out with a few times and never want to see again, standing just a few feet from us.  So I immediately duck behind a friend, like a ridiculous child.

And then, for the next hour, I stayed on the look out for him (as did one of the friends I was with, who also knew the guy).  Which kinda ruined the party for me because I didn’t feel like I could just relax and enjoy myself.  Instead I stood there watching out, afraid to be caught in some ridiculous awkward conversation with a guy who never meant anything to me.

Ugh.  Silly and childish and ridiculous.

And yet, when I mentioned it to several people at the party (that I was hiding from some guy who I went out with a few times and never wanted to see again) they all said something along the lines of, “been there, done that”.


4 to “Hide and Seek”

  1. Singlutionary says:

    I love it when I find myself in good company doing something totally rediculous.

  2. Devon aka Dru says:

    We have all done that! I did it just the other day when I saw my ex in the supermarket. I felt silly, too, but I just didn’t want to deal with him at that time. Maybe next time I’ll put on my big girl panties and say hi 😀

  3. Simone Grant says:

    There is a certain comfort to that. It definitely made the situation funny, instead of merely pathetic.
    -Devon aka Dru
    I was thinking something similar. That the next time (and I’m sure there will be a next time) I’m just going to stand there and see what happens. I have nothing to be ashamed of/hide from. Let HIM hide.

  4. michelle-ashley says:

    Well you’re about to get another one of those lines from me because “I’ve been there, definitely done that before”! Ducking and running is an initial reaction for most that are faced by something they don’t want to confront. However, in my experience, I know that ducking is not always the best thing to do because pressure builds between you and the other individual over time, or (like what you experienced last night) your night gets ruined. I’m not saying you have the take the “bull by the horns” and walk right up to the guy and have a full catch-up session in the middle of the dance floor, but continue on with your night as you would if you had not seen him. Chances are, you might bump into him, and if you do, smile politely/wave and keep walking. Doing that may be a little shocking initially, but at least the worst is over in done with, your tension relieved, and now you can continue on and enjoy your night (in your case).