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For One Month Only…

So I’m trying something new (another new thing).  What can I say, I like to try new things.

For the month of November I’m going to be spending some time over at  Leftos stands for Lessons for the opposite sex and the site is a “free service designed to open up communication between Men and Women”.  It’s essentially, from what I can tell, a multi-page forum.

Starting tomorrow I’ll have a profile page on their site, and I already have a little follow me at leftos button here.  If nothing else, it should be interesting.

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9 to “For One Month Only…”

  1. Jessica Deal says:

    Thanks so much for this link. I’m going to go sign up and start browsing around myself. I agree, looks very interesting. Thank you!

  2. Dating For Today's Man says:

    Very good layout and good info and ideas for relationships.

  3. LPS says:

    Wow! You always have the most interesting projects going on. I’m checking this one out now. It sounds good!

  4. Simone Grant says:

    Welcome Jessica and DFTM. I hope to see more of you both. And thank you all for your support on this. I’m almost always willing to try a new idea when someone comes to me with something interesting. Life is all about new experiences, I figure.

  5. 30FLondon says:

    It looks like a really interesting site.

  6. Simone Grant says:

    Oops, today is Sunday the 1st but there seems to be some kind of tech issue with the widget or something. It’s supposed to take people right to my profile page… IDK. The guy over at Leftos who I’ve been emailing with is probably out enjoying his Sunday. Hopefully is will all get resolved by tomorrow morning.

  7. Simone Grant says:

    Ok – I think I’ve gotten myself properly activated and stuff. Link now works. *sigh* I hate technology.

  8. browolf says:

    I had a look at that place. It’s basically a reduced version of

  9. Simone Grant says:

    Yes it’s a similar site, in many ways. Although I’ve never found myself feeling “at home” on the other one.