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Too Silly to Get Worked Up Over

So there I was last night, catching up on some of my favorite blogs, when I got to this post on Jezebel about a new iPhone app designed to help guys score (and then keep score and brag, because really what’s the point of getting laid if you’re not keeping score and bragging about it to your friends).  The app is called AMP Up Before You Score, and its release it part of a promotion by Pepsi for their new AMP energy drink (that’s right, Pepsi has now entered the seduction community).

Unlike Hortense at Jezebel, I couldn’t get worked up about this. I guess because it just seemed too ridiculous to be real.

Yeah, I know it’s real.  Just like I know there are men who are incapable of seeing any woman as a human being (and shit like this just reinforces that dysfunction).  We’re all just types to be decoded and tricked into sex.

But come on, this is an iphone app.  There’s an app for everything.  It was really just a matter of time before someone came out with this.  And this happens to be pretty goddamn silly, when you look at it.

The only truly remarkable thing here is that this is being sponsered by Pepsi.  WTF?


11 to “Too Silly to Get Worked Up Over”

  1. michelle ashley says:

    While I agree that this app is silly and ridiculous, I can’t seem to help but get upset over it. This app is dehumanizing and just proves how piggish and inconsiderate some men can be. If men start using this device, women won’t be the majestic creatures they once were, but rather, mere check-marks on a list.

  2. silentific says:

    The jezebel article was overboard… Glad to read that you saw the gimmick for what it was. The app is ridiculous and clearly for entertainment. I do agree that it is slightly irresponsible of Pepsi though.

  3. drumdance says:

    LOL at “the majestic creatures they once were”

    This app is stupid, but one thing I’ve learned from reading PUA literature is it’s that exact belief system that makes it hard to approach women.

    Women are just people and guys should not be afraid to approach them, or care if they get rejected. But many guys view them as “majestic creatures” and so are either 1) too scared to say hello in the first place (like the girl is some kind of temple of worship or something) or 2) feel so crushed when they get blown off that they use #1 as a psychological defense.

  4. trilady says:

    I have to admit… while this is kind of gross, I am pretty curious as to what they say to do/say/places to go. Well done, ad folks. (But yeah, Pepsi? Weird.)

  5. Simone Grant says:

    -michelle ashley
    I totally agree that some men can be piggish (but then, so can some woman :-)). Majestic creatures, really? You’re joking, right? Because I don’t think there was ever a time when women were uniformly treated well by men. Perhaps in certain contexts in classes.
    Yeah, they went overboard. But I understand the frustration it came from. We live in a world where Tucker Max is a hero to millions. Revolting.
    blah blah blah. So there were a bunch of guys out there who weren’t getting laid and they felt really bad and inept about it to the point that it was practically pathological. And now, the pendulum has swung in the other direction and we have to tolerate the PUA culture as a way for those poor lost souls to build their self esteem? Nope. Sorry. Not buying it.
    Yeah, I’m guessing some heads are rolling in Pepsi’s or department. Or hoping so.

  6. drumdance says:

    Simone, your busting me for an argument I didn’t make. I never said PUA is genius, merely that the “majestic creatures” thing is stupid. The sooner I got over that the better my dating became – for both me and the girls. I met a girl last night at a bar and we had a great time together, stayed out until 4 am. I would never have had the courage to approach her six months ago.

  7. michelle ashley says:

    Okay, I suppose “majestic creatures” is going a little over board. i just hope women will still be viewed as women once this app starts being used, and not prizes to be won.

  8. drumdance says:

    FWIW it looks like Pepsi has apologized.

  9. Singletude says:

    So I guess “shake a baby” isn’t an appropriate app but “screw a woman” is? Interesting world we live in.

  10. Simone Grant says:

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to suggest that you thought that. But there is that ping/pong, back and forth every time people try to discuss PUA. It’s pretty ridiculous. As if the pick-up artists can’t teach guys to be more self-confident and teach that women are their equals- “just people”. Instead women are targets and the more misogynistic a guy behaves, the more he is held up as a leader.
    -michelle ashley
    It’s a bit too late for that one. Millions of guys are fans of websites that talk about women as prizes and worse.
    Yep. Thanks Mashable.
    It’s a wonderful world, ain’t it?

  11. Grad Student says:

    From a guy… yep, dumb as hell for Pepsi to be associated with this thing. And, it is silly and disrespectful. I will say, though, that the anger on the other blog about guys bragging about their ‘conquests’ and such was a bit much. 1–Not all guys do that (I think many do not, to be honest) and 2–isn’t it fairly common for people to talk with friends about their lives? Don’t some women (or girls) talk about their sex lives with each other? Comparing technique, size, fitness, etc?

    Not the same maybe, but similar lines. But still, really? an App for THAT? dumb