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It Could Be Worse

I’ve long been a fan of the site, My Very Worst Date.  It’s an excellent reminder that no matter how lame a date might be, it could always be worse.

Recently there were a couple of entries that really spoke to me.  One was about a woman who was set up by a Matchmaker with a complete jerk who behaved inappropriately on the date. The ’s reply, “You shouldn’t be picky, what with your age…”

In another, a previously ‘normal’ seeming woman revealed the mother of all TMI during a third date.  Talk about a long night.  Note: I’m frequently asked, in emails, etc about when to bring up sensitive subjects.  IMO mental health issues are not appropriate subject matter for the first few dates. In this particular case, this chick probably wasn’t healthy enough to exercise good judgment.

Anyway, it’s Saturday.  Just thought I’d share.

More later.

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4 to “It Could Be Worse”

  1. wild_gingersnap says:

    My VWD was with the jazz composer who started waxing rhapsodic about “pulling out” as the best method of birth control; he even wanted to give workshops on the topic. Oh, and knowing full well that I am a classical pianist, he referred to musicians who simply interpret music rather than composing their own, as “regurgitators.”

  2. Dating is my Hobby says:

    Funny! I just posted one of my bad date stories on my blog after a dish session at work and everyone was telling their bad stories. Check it out!

  3. Simone Grant says:

    Welcome to the blog. He sounds like a real charmer! It’s amazing to me how completely unaware some people are of how rude and inappropriate they are being. Or maybe they know and just don’t care.
    -Dating is my Hobby
    Thanks for the heads up, darling.

  4. trilady says:

    I wa actually published in MVWD. Any date that tells you that you have his permission to inflict violence on his ex is one to avoid in the future. Sadly, I even edited parts of that date out, to be reasonably concise.