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Happy Singles’ Week everyone.  I hope you all found the time, yesterday, to check out Kimberly Dawn Neumann’s guest post on That Happened to Me. Today’s my day to guest post on Singlutionary.  Please stop by and visit.

Here’s a completely random tangent:  Over the weekend I overheard something that made me think of the old joke that only 5% of the population is dateable.  That’s one in every 20 people who are worth dating, meaning the other 19 aren’t (worth dating).

Sounds about right to me.  What are your thoughts? 


8 to “Dateable”

  1. Naughty Adult Dating says:

    If you really need to find someone valuable, indeed one of 20 is datable, the rest is just lost of time :) I think it’s correct.

  2. dazediva says:

    The stats are that low huh I never saw that episode … In Mumbai – I’d change that to 1 in 35 (minimum) is worth dating. *sigh*

  3. Veka says:

    Is this applicable to both male and female combined? Or are we talking just males here? I’d think it safe to assume 1/20 is about right for the males I know.

  4. Simone Grant says:

    I’ve spent the vast majority of my life in NYC (I’ve traveled, but that doesn’t count). And I’ve never been to Mumbai (though I’d love to visit). I’d hate to think it’s that hard there to find people you click with.
    Here’s what that means when I think of it – my 1/20 is going to be a different guy than a friends 1/20. We are each such unique individuals, with different tastes. But I think it makes sense to think that number of people we find truly attractive and worth spending time with are rare. As for men – I’d imagine they’re numbers are similar but with very different motivators.

  5. Onadrought says:

    I’d say about 1/1000 in Australia.

  6. dazediva says:

    Simone – you are welcome to visit anytime whilst I’m still in the country =) There are so many people here .. but when it comes to ‘dateable’ … I find it quite hard – and (without sounding egotistical) I’ve always been able to get a date when I lived overseas … 2 years here and maybe a handful of ‘dates’ is all I’ve got to show for =( If you just want to click with someone and hang out – there are tons … that’s the saving grace for me hehehe

  7. iamalejandra says:

    This post kinda reminds me of one of the episodes of This American Life (#347) where they had a story about a physicist from Harvard who once tried to calculate how many women in Boston he could potentially like and it was only around 2500 WITHOUT going into personal details. Using a mathematical equation they tried to figure out the number of women who were dateable to them and the number was really, really small. I wonder what the number would be for someone in New York.

  8. Simone Grant says:

    Welcome to the blog. And ouch. That sounds brutal.
    Thanks for the invite. I have faith that you will find a person that makes you happy when it’s the right time, if that’s what you want.
    I loved that episode. But they do rule out a lot of people, by age and education, if I remember correctly. Like them, we could probably sit with some population stats for NYC and come up with a random number. But even if we could, I wouldn’t want to know it.