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Dating is Funny

I’m all about trying new things.  You can call me Ms. Sure, Why Not?  So when I got an email inviting me to something called Laugh and Match, I was intrigued.  And also disappointed because it was scheduled for last night and I had long standing dinner plans with my newlywed friends.  Then I got an email yesterday morning that my friend’s husband was sick and they’d need to reschedule and I figured, why not.

So, Laugh and Match…  I liked the idea.  I’d actually read an article about it in the Sunday Times a while back, but they’d specifically highlighted the event in it’s original form as K-Date (Laugh and Match for a Korean audience).  The Times article made it seem fun and, well, harmless.

Last night started out poorly, long before anyone took to the stage.  Like so many singles events I’ve been to, they had a little issue – a serious lack of guys.  The ratio in the room was about 8 to 1.  And some of the guys that did come weren’t exactly prime candidates for this kind of thing.  That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun.  Actually I did.  The night’s hostess, Helen Hong, was funny and cute/sweet in the way that lets her get away with saying completely inappropriate things without offending anyone.  And she’s not a bad , actually asking people about their types and preferences.

I didn’t love all of the other comedians as much.  A couple of them didn’t seem to get the whole ‘laugh and match’ thing.  I gotta add, Marina Franklin probably had the best /matching related lines of the night.  Seriously funny.

Anyway, here’s the important question:  would I go back? Yes, with the hope that they do a much better job of advertising the event.  Get some men there.  Heck, I’ll head out to just about any singles-type event (other than speed dating, I really would rather live off of celery for a week) if there’s a chance of meeting new, interesting guys.  Because you never know.

Speaking of which, afterwards Mirthful33 (my fearless companion for the evening) and I hit a couple of bars.  So, so sad.  We were in the meatpacking district.  The first place we hit was full of guys putting bottle service on expense accounts (drunk dudes in bad-fitting suits, oh so hot).   The second had a bunch of really drunk women throwing themselves at guys.  After that we both felt the intense need to go home early and get some sleep.

I love New York, I really do, but the bar scene in some neighborhoods really depresses hell out of me.

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3 to “Dating is Funny”

  1. dazediva says:

    Laugh & Match eh … not bad .. never heard of that concept before and definitely sounds like it could have potential for lots of fun =)

    All I have to say is that just keep enjoying yourself =) and when I come to NY – you can take me along wherever you go heheh

  2. Speed Dating Girl says:

    Why so harsh on speed dating? At least you’re usually guaranteed a good male/female ratio. And in my experience (as chronicled on my blog), it’s almost always damn funny. Which sounds like more than you could say for those comedians.

  3. Simone Grant says:

    I do think it has a lot of potential for fun. I’m planning on trying it again. Have a great weekend.
    -Speed Dating Girl
    I don’t like speed dating. I’m not a fan of being forced to chat with men I don’t know and have nothing in common with. I don’t find that fun. It’s just not for me. Different folks for different strokes…