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Another New Beginning

I just couldn’t leave well enough alone (when can I ever?).

Things are going well here.  At least, I think they are. 

But as well as things are going here, I’ve been feeling a little restless.  Like I was missing out on stuff.  For starters, I miss the posts I used to do.  But I understand that the vast majority of my readers aren’t from around here and so it didn’t make sense for me to keep doing them.

Anyway, I decided to try something new and started a the city I love.  It’s going to be similar in theme to Best Date Spots.  But also very different.

I’m excited to see how, exactly, it evolves.

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4 to “Another New Beginning”

  1. happsgirl says:

    Great that you’re starting a blog about the city you live in. I wish I could do the same, except my city sucks. haha.
    still, it’s great to read about yours, it makes me feel like I could be part of it!
    and for the last post, can I just say, what a dickwad Mr.Nicepost was? Online dating is v scary…I still can’t come to grips with it!

  2. Hypersingle says:

    Oh how I miss NYC. I will always come back to thee and my other love, the beautiful city on the Seine. Mmmm, pommes frites. Alas, I chose to leave thee for professional opportunities, but who knows what the future holds and I will still see thee and my other mistress from time to time…..

  3. Simone Grant says:

    I think there can be something wonderful about most cities. I lived, briefly, in a city not known for being lovely or pleasant. But I loved it there, mainly because of the people who lived there and how fabulous they were. Anyway, I don’t think online dating is any scarier than dating in general. Unless of course you only date in your small social circle. Then, yes, it can be scary.
    Well, the thing about NYC is that it’s always changing. Faster and faster every day.

  4. Lovesystems says:

    I think NYC is a great city to date (i’m a guy). It has everything! How can anyone get bored in such a fast-paced city full of different types of bars, clubs, galleries, stores (i mean where else can you find a “super hero” store? – -). I personally love meeting women in the streets, it’s so simple!