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A Teenage Could of Should of

This week’s Guy’s Story is from Johnny Dzubak (aka AoC Johnny –  if you read the comments here on the blog).  I was rather surprised and delighted when he said he wanted to contribute something.  Here it is:  Today is Sunday and that means it’s time for another Guys’s Story.  Every Sunday I have posts from male guest authors.

As a dating coach for The Art of Charm I usually give men and women dating advice, but today I decided to write about an embarrassing moment that could have been my first sexual experience as a teenager. I figured Simone would get a kick out of it.

When I was 16 years old I was submerged in a life of guitar playing and skateboarding. Girls would not become an issue for about another two years. I was a late bloomer. I would sit around watch music videos on MTV and play guitar to them all day. My younger sister however, was already boy consumed and so were her friends.

Though I was interested, I did not know anyway to quell my curiosity about them so I just ignored the problem, figuring I had a lot of time to figure it out later.

One night while my dad was out on the town with some friends the neighbor girl down the street was having her sweet sixteen-birthday party; I was invited, but decided play guitar all night instead. About ten o’clock I hear a knock on my front door and go to see whom it was. Two of my sister’s friends had left the party and came over to visit me and attempt to get me to go to the party.

I was not about to leave and was annoyed that they were interfering with my guitar practice. They were quite content in flirting and messing with all of my stuff. I was turned on a bit by the whole thing, but did not want to get in trouble; girls were not to be at the house while my dad was not home. So I asked them to leave and they were not happy about it. They had soon disappeared to my father’s room.

I heard them giggling and became worried that they were up to something, but was too nervous to find out so I went back to playing my guitar, hoping that they would leave. Within a few moments I heard them call out my name, asking me to see something. I told them that I didn’t want to. They asked me again and this time as annoyed with them as I was I reluctantly went to my father’s room to see what the entire ruckus was about.

As I walked up the stairs I had a weird feeling that I was being set up. When I had gotten to the top of the stairs I saw them both on my dad’s bed completely naked asking me to come play with them. At this point in my life I had watched a lot of movies and still really had no clue on what to do with these to girls let alone one of them. In a moment of complete confusion I ran down the stairs, out the door and hid behind my house. Frightened like a field mouse caught in the kitchen, I began to put a plan together. The best I could come up with was to hide until they left my house, which they did shortly afterward.

I felt quite foolish and embarrassed. I was scared. I don’t even think I masturbated at this point yet. I was a late bloomer; catholic school will do that to you, but the embarrassment did not end there.

When I went to school that Monday the girls had told all the other girls in school and I was subjected to being called gay and boy for a good few weeks afterward. I lost my virginity at 18 and it was at this point where I went girl crazy and they soon monopolized my life.

Would I take a do over for that moment in my life? Not really, it all worked out pretty awesome! This is one of the things that I hold dearly in my life as would change nothing.


4 to “A Teenage Could of Should of”

  1. OpinionatedGift says:

    When I was in a sort of community day camp in the city…about 15 years old…this girl pulled me over into a sort of alcove and pulled her panties down, telling me she wanted me right then and there.

    I have no memory of running, only the knowledge that I did. Its probably best that I did that too, though for a long time I wondered.

  2. Tales From A Bar Stool says:

    Have you at least had a threesome since then? If yes, then all was not lost.

  3. OpinionatedGift says:

    Alas, it has never happened. Not even the opportunity.

    But, I have miles to go before I sleep..

  4. lostplum says:

    “catholic school will do that to you” can really be applied to so many things in our lives (if you went to it!)