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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Blog

I apologize for the disruption in service.  Really, I DO.  But sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

As of tonight/last night (I guess it all depends on when you see this), comments have been temporarily turned off.  That means that some of my favorite fellow bloggers, twitter friends and other beloved readers will not be able to leave comments unless they go through the OnSugar system.  I’m sorry.  Really, I AM.  This is temporary.

It is a reaction, surely an overreaction (it’s August and the heat wears on my patience) to the number of cranky, hostile, mean, and unnecessarily nasty comments I get on a regular basis.  Some of these are on old posts that people stumble upon, some on the newer posts.  And frankly, I’ve just lost my patience with it all.

And now for some comment humor (thanks to Lostplum for sending me the link):


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