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I’m Gonna Say It, "Arrogant Douchebag"

I think that, as a general policy, I don’t talk trash about the guys I go out with.  I might say I had a bad time.  Or that someone was older, fatter and balder than his pictures. Or that he was rude.  Whatever.  But I seldom come right out and insult the guys in a nasty way.

Well, my date the other night was an .  I’m not going to bother sugar coating it.  I spent most of the night listening to how much smarter he was than everyone he worked with.  Oh, and how brilliant his new business idea was and how he was just, all around, a better human being than anybody else.

It’s mine own fault.  I knew going into it that he had the potential to be one of those guys.  There’s a fine line between confident and arrogant and he’d passed that line years ago.  My bad.


I’m going to have to do better job of screening.  I don’t think I can take too many more dates with guys like him.

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7 to “I’m Gonna Say It, "Arrogant Douchebag"”

  1. OpinionatedGift says:

    There’s always guys with low self esteem. Swing to the other direction, eventually find a balance.

    Is this a guy you met online?

  2. Sarkie says:

    Its usually a front, they want people to think how important they are and how much they make a difference to the world.

  3. DateDoctor says:

    Ahh the ol’ arrogant douchebag…and I thought we housed all of them in LA. Sounds like one escaped- Thanks for putting my night ( in perspective

  4. sfsingleguy says:

    What exactly did he say? Or was it his attitude? Did he have greasy gelled up hair like my icon? (BTW that’s not actually me, it’s Gavin Newsom, our San Francisco sketchy Mayor)

  5. Veka says:

    Yikes. I hate those.

  6. Simone Grant says:

    -Opinionated Gift
    Yes, we met online. And in an email he’d said a couple of things to make me think he was humble. Clearly a trap.
    Of course. It always amazes just how inflated a person’s self worth can be. It’s a giant world. He just one little guy. The way he talked about himself, you’d have thought he was Obama.
    Oh darling, NYC is the original home of the arrrogant douchebags. The ones who can’t cut it here are shipped out to LA :-)
    He literally said, multiple times, I’m bored and underappreciated at work because I’m so much smarter than everyone else there… It was painful. The point to just about every one of his anecdotes was: I’m so much smarter and/or better than everyone else. I’m not exaggerating for effect. But no gelled hair.
    Yep, yikes. And they luuuv me.

  7. Little Lushie says:

    Sorry to hear you had a bad date. I am brutally honest in my blog but that was part of my plan! I hope you find a nicer person to take you out soon! :)