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The Weekend, Part 2 (the end)

This week we have the second and final part of a story by Opinionated Gift.   Click here for Part 1. Every Sunday I have posts from male guest authors.


“It turns out that in this town in Jersey, there are two bus stops. On opposite ends of the town. Debra was sure she had told me NOT to go to the stop I was at… I was sure that was the stop she told me TO go to. At any rate, this being the pre-mobile phone era and Debra’s parents not having a machine that you could access from a payphone, there was some back and forth with messages and driving before Debra finally arrived.


We didn’t fight about it once she arrived. She was obviously happy to see me and the feeling was mutual.


Debra was concerned about the marinating steak that had gone so long out of the fridge and so drove very quickly through the winding roads to her parents’ house. Winding. Roads.




As in, smacked into it.


As in rolled off the road into someone’s front lawn far enough to smack into their tree.


Luckily, Debra had been able to slow down enough that the worst that happened was a dent in the bumper and very jostled nerves. Not to mention an irate homeowner coming out of their house in the evening to see what drunk asshole had just ruined their lawn and hurt their tree. Debra stuck her head out the window and apologized profusely as she backed the car up, got back on the road and continued on the way.


Yes, dear reader, I found this a bit disturbing as I am sure you do too. But remember, I was 22 or so and so was she and neither of us had a clue.


At last we arrived at the house. It was quiet and empty and I was relieved to be inside and still alive. We got the food into the refrigerator and I think I threw something together for dinner, but I don’t remember what. Debra got out TV trays and we sat down on the couch and watched MTV, ate dinner and made out for a long time.


I mentioned in my first installment that we had kissed on occasion, but I remember now that no, this evening was the first time we had finally kissed because I remember Pat Benatar singing “We Belong” in the background as Debra paused and smiled at me, telling me with a voice that seemed oddly amazed to me that I was a great kisser. I hope I didn’t make that memory up. It’s a good one.


Later, it was time for bed. We were both nervous, of course and had both agreed that we had no expectations. If the night passed with no more than sleeping snuggled close, that it was alright. We both desired more of course, but it was important to take the pressure off.


She had a sweet room that clearly was the room she grew up in. We stood in the doorway and kissed awhile, both in tee shirts and shorts. Things became very passionate, my hand was tugging at her shorts, pulling them down just a little.


There was the sound of a door flying open. A second later I heard “What’s HE doing here?” Debra’s sister paid a surprise visit…..


Well, not so much a surprise visit but an unannounced and undiscussed stop by for the weekend.

Now, the sister is pretty much the opposite of Debra. Where Debra was sweet, with a warm smile and bright beautiful eyes, her sister seemed to wear a permanent scowl and eyes that actually frowned. Debra’s lithe and strong dancer’s body was countered by a hunched over gait. The warm, feminine and strong voice juxtaposed with a scary hybrid of high pitched huskiness. Seriously.


After an awkward introduction and a very apologetic glance from Debra, I went to another room to let the sister’s argue. Apparently there was blackmail involved and I was ultimately relegated to sleeping in the sister’s room. The sister would sleep in the parents room (which had a watchful position between where I was and Debra’s room). It was going to be a long night.


And it was. Not willing to get Debra into trouble, I remained in the sister’s dark and pre goth decorated room. Seriously, this older sister, presumably approaching 30 at the time slept in a room that would have depressed Maria from Sound of Music.


The morning brought breakfast and good coffee. I checked on the marinated steak and planned the dinner for that night. It seemed that Debra had managed to convince her sister that she could leave that afternoon, I never got the details. Late morning arrived, the sister was preparing to go when the doorbell rang.


Old family friends, driving through Jersey decided to drop by and say hello, not knowing that the parents were out of town themselves.


Debra had little memory of them, but the sister was delighted to see them and was suddenly a cheerful hostess, all plans to leave suddenly abandoned of course. The afternoon was awash in memories that made me want to shave my head with a cheese grater from the boredom and frustration.


Debra and I glanced at each other a lot. She so sweetly apologetic and me being understanding. Which I was. At a certain point in the afternoon I was resolved to it and when the family finally left, the sister followed suit and Debra and I were alone at last.


We had lunch, drove to the supermarket to get some things to round out dinner, some fruit that I would poach with Triple Sec for dessert.


For some reason that now escapes me, we did not seize the sudden alone time to strip down and head to bed together. I suspect we were feeling shy or something or other. I really can’t remember. It might have simply been we had to get things done now if they were ever going to get done.


Home again, time to get things going for dinner. As I was setting things up, the phone rang. It was Alan calling, something had happened about an hour ago and Elina was refusing to go to the hospital despite severe pains and bleeding that was alarming Alan greatly. It was not Elina’s time of the month.


As I listened to Debra arguing with Elina about the hospital, I packed up the steak and wrapped it in tinfoil, knowing full well we would be heading back to New York once the call was over. I would have laughed except from what I was hearing, I was worried for Elina
too. Debra’s last words on the phone after seeing from my looks that I was behind her were “We are coming over there now..and dragging your stubborn ass to the emergency room”


And so we did. Marinated steak in hand. It was an odd visit. Elina was subletting the apartment of my ex girlfriend’s current boyfriend. Alan was yelling at her when we arrived and we pretty much just ganged up on her and dragged her to a taxi cab that took us to the ER.


It turned out that Elina had had a miscarriage. Hours of waiting and sitting in the cafeteria. I remember clowning a lot and making everyone laugh. Its a thing I am pretty good at during stressful times. I remember getting a big hug from Elina.


The doctors did whatever is done when these things happen. We took Elina home, Debra stayed with her and I went back to Alan’s where we crashed. We spent the entire Sunday together, the four of us and joked about the weekend.


Alan’s parents were away and I made dinner that night. The steak, now marinated for 3 days, was finally being cooked.


It tasted terrible. Well, not terrible. Just not like steak. More like pork. Alan decided I could get rich selling this particular marinated steak to people who didn’t eat pork, so they could have the experience of the taste and still be kosher or halal.


So…to sum up…a car crash, two unexpected visits and a miscarriage. Clearly a weekend of domestic and sexual adventure that was not meant to be.


It is though, a delicious memory and one I enjoy to this day. Alan lives across the country and is married with two kids. I have lost touch with Elina and Debra decades ago. I hope they are well and happy. And I hope Debra remembers that weekend with fond humor as much as I do.”

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5 to “The Weekend, Part 2 (the end)”

  1. DentalBabe says:

    Nice story, but….was kinda hopin’ for something juicy! ; )

  2. OpinionatedGift says:

    So was I.

  3. dazediva says:

    Now that’s a memory to look back and have a good smile about =)
    did you ever hook up with Debra finally ?

  4. T- says:

    Sod’s Law at its finest.

  5. OpinionatedGift says:

    I’m sorry to say, dazed, that Debra and I never got together. Not for lack of trying, though. It just seemed that we were star crossed. The other stories are more mundane though. Well, after that weekend most things seem mundane to me. LOL.

    We lost touch after awhile when I went on tour with a show. I was away for over a year and this was well before email. I suck at regular letter writing.

    A week after returning home from the tour I met my eventual ex wife.