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The Weekend

This weeks Guy’s Story comes to us from Opinionated Gift.  It’s a two part story, and I for one am very curious to see how it will end.  Every Sunday I have posts from male guest authors.

“My best friend from high school and I were fairly inseparable in junior and senior year. We lived 10 blocks from each other on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, so the hang-time was easy and we had a lot of common interests. theater, Shakespeare in particular, and dancers. I used to joke in those days that I had a dancer fetish.

If we weren’t hanging with each other we were likely at our girlfriends’ places. They too were best friends and a quick travel to each other. Both girls were dancers and my friend and I being who we were, that is fans of Shakespeare and things classical, it was sort of a perfect fit. Though Alan and I were on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and Angela and Elina lived in Bensonhurst Brooklyn.

After high school and college there were shifts and turns, Alan broke up and got back together with Elina and Angela and I just broke up and she and Elina drifted apart (whole ‘nother story)
This is where Debra comes in. Debra was a friend of Elina’s from her dance class and one day joined the 3 of us for some event or other, its too long ago to remember. At any rate, there was probably a sense of the need to continue this kind of 4some we had at the time.

Debra was quite beautiful. Large blue eyes and cheeks the swelled into a perfect roundness when she smiled, a dancer’s strong and supple body, and a very sweet disposition and a calmness that I was drawn to. She was a good balance for Elina who was sweet but drawn to a certain kind of drama that Debra was good at coaxing her down from.

Debra thought I was funny and intense and she liked the thin leather ties I wore (early 80s fashion, OY) We hit it off well and as people in their early 20s are want to do, there was fun and interesting tension between us.

We’d had a couple of fairly innocent evenings of kissing but no official date. But it was clear there was interest and chemistry and there was plenty of encouragement from Alan and Elina.

One night we were talking on the phone and I was telling her about how I enjoyed and was starting to experiment with steak marinades. Debra then told  me that her parents were going away for a couple of weeks and she would have their house to herself for an entire weekend while her sister was away to and would I come and spend that weekend with her.

You get 3 guesses as to what my answer was and the first 2 don’t count.

We agreed that I would make the dinner for Saturday night and then also the Sunday brunch before we would head back to the city. So on Friday afternoon I marinated a steak, stuck it into a tupperware container, a few condiments for the rest of it and off I went. We would shop for whatever else we needed.

It will sound strange coming from a guy, I am sure, especially since I was all of 22 or 23 at the time. But I was kind of excited by the prospect of a kind of mini domesticity for a day or two. Playing house as it were. It was exciting in a way. Mostly I was thinking about the nights, of course, but I liked the idea of playing house too, without an actual mortgage.

I don’t remember the town in Jersey, only that it was about an hour bus ride where I would wait for Debra to pick me up and drive the rest of the way to her house. She told me the bus and the exact stop and we agreed on what bus I would be on. She said she’d be waiting for me right there.

The first sign that the weekend might not go according to plan, was when she wasn’t there to pick me up until an hour after I had arrived.”

(To be continued)

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  1. thebiggirlblog says:

    *holding breath*

    Can’t wait till next Sunday….

  2. Simone Grant says:

    We’re all holding our breath.
    And waiting.