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And It Was Good

So last night’s date was full of surprises.  Most of them good.

He’s SO an old picture guy.  He’s the same weight, but his hair is significantly more gray and a totally different style.  I think gray hair can be totally hot, btw.  In fact, I think he was way more attractive in person than in his pictures.  I was just annoyed at how old the pics were.  I mean, I guess it’s possible that he’s gone completely gray in the last couple of months.  But just not plausible.

I feel like a broken record – guys with are so much the norm that I no longer hold it against them.  But I like guys with less than guys with new pics.  Because lets face it, it’s a form of deception.  And deception just ain’t cool.  Plus, if you’re a hot guy (which he is) why would you not update your pictures? Alright, I know the answer to that.  He just doesn’t give a shit about the whole thing.

Anyway, we hit it off really well.  In a way that I don’t right away with too many guys.  We were very “friendly”.  I could actually see us being introduced to him at some friend’s party and us hanging out and having a couple of drinks.  Come to think of it, I wouldn’t doubt that we know some of the same people.

It was a short date.  And as I mentioned, there were surprises.  We met in my neighborhood.  He asked where I lived and I’m pretty comfortable giving out my ‘hood as it’s a big geographical area.  He said he lived close by.  Well it turns out he lives more than close by.   He lives exactly 2 blocks from me.  2 blocks.  I’m not exaggerating.  That’s almost too close for comfort.  Or really cool, if we end up dating.  I haven’t decided.

At about the 50 minute mark I caught him checking his watch.  He quickly apologized for doing so and explained that he had someplace to be (he gave me very specific details – which I’ll exclude from this telling of the story).  So he came to the date with an out.  I can respect that.  I do that sometimes.  But I can’t remember the last time someone did that to me.  But then he apologized for having to leave and asked if I’d see him again so…  I think there’ll be another date.

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9 to “And It Was Good”

  1. iamalejandra says:

    At least he didn’t show up with an alarm clock!! :)

  2. Leslee Horner says:

    I agree that gray hair can be totally hot. My husband started getting gray hair in his late 20’s (he’s 35 now) and I was so excited thinking he was going to be one of those guys, but years later his hair is still mostly brown. Oh well, he’s still hot I guess.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would not want to live just 2 blocks from a guy I was dating. Sounds like the second you guys broke up you would be bumping into each other every day.

  4. DentalBabe says:

    Remember to not get too excited about him (doesn’t sound like you are). Guys can sense that a mile away and will back off. It just recently dawned on me, guys like the chase (why I didn’t know this before, I dunno). It’s always great to give advice (not that you were asking), and so hard to take my own. All I know is that the next time I am really “into” a guy, I wont let it be so obvious! ; )

  5. Veka says:

    About the gray hair thing: Dr. Drew = HOTTT!!

    Good to hear you had a decent date. I think it’s cool you live so close. Looking forward to reading about Date 2 :)

  6. Simone Grant says:

    OMG, I read that too. I’d have punched him in the gut. And I don’t believe in violence.
    -Leslee Horner
    I will never understand guys who dye their hair to cover gray. I’ve never met a guy who didn’t look good gray (well, if they’re ugly before they’re gray, the gray won’t help LOL).
    Let’s not jump ahead of ourselves. We have ONE DATE. No talk of “breaking up”. As an aside, I read a lot of dating blogs and it kind of cracks me up when I read other bloggers write of breaking up with someone after a handfull of dates. Breaking up is what happens with someone you’re in a real relationship with. Not a guy you screwed a few times. Anyway…
    You are preaching to the choir, sister. In fact, I haven’t heard from him. Granted, it hasn’t yet been 48 hours. But I have no intention of calling. He was the one who had to leave early (with apologies and talk of getting together again and how much he enjoyed meeting me, blah blah blah). I know he’s insanely busy with a project. But if he likes me he’ll find time to call sometime soon. If not. Not.
    Dr. Drew? I’d like there to be a date #2 ….

  7. Veka says:

    Is there a ? after Dr. Drew because you don’t know who he is? Or because you disagree? He used to have a nighttime radio show called Love Line and he has a TV show called Celebrity Rehab. Anyway, just ‘google images’ him. He’s got gray hair & he’s so attractive.

    Sometimes I wish you’d post up pics of the guys you date so we can know what “your type” is… (I know it will never happen, I’m just saying…) 😛

  8. Singletude says:

    Sometimes I wonder if some people have a genuine disconnect between what they look like now and what they looked like five or ten years ago. Not long ago, I was looking through some of my own old pictures side by side with recent photos and, for the first time, realized that I’m starting to look older. My face is less full in certain areas, and there are little lines and shadows that weren’t there before. I’m still obviously the same person, but I can see the difference. However, if I hadn’t looked at those pictures side by side, I might never have noticed. Maybe I’m giving these guys too much credit, but I wonder if they really don’t think they’ve changed that much.

  9. Simone Grant says:

    I just googled him. Perhaps the pic on his book jacket doesn’t do him justice :-) (ok, I can see it a little).
    I think there is a little of the noticing going on. But stuff like major weight gain and a complete change in hair color? Nah, that’s just not wanting to face up to the change.