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Sick Day

Sorry everyone.  I’ve been in bed for the last couple of days.  I know there are comments pilling up from the last few days (lots of ones – just love those).

Soon.  I hope.

NOTE:  My sick day turned into a sick weekend.  I had a great Guy’s Story that I wanted to post, but I was too sick to play with the computer yesterday/Sunday.


8 to “Sick Day”

  1. Matthew Wheeler says:

    Hope you get well soon!

  2. mintystar says:

    Sorry to hear you’re sick, get better soon! :)

  3. sfsingleguy says:

    Almost everyone I know is sick right now (including me). No fun at all!

  4. Anonymous says:

    how do i become un-Anonymous? i have lots of good, practical advise. love how people assume i am bitter, or unattractive……. i know thats what you’re thinking… but i am neither. i look forward to sharing more of my thoughts with you. i think i could help you and others like you……………
    i recetly broke up with someone after 5 months of really trying to see if it could work. in the last month i went on 3 dates. 1 was too attractive, yes, too attractive. 1 was “broken” and sad…..” don the downer, and 1 , just no chemistry. see….i am out there and really lookig for “the one” .

  5. LPS says:

    Get better, Simone & sfsingleguy! It’s horrible being ill…take some ecchinacea, if you’re partial to that sort of thing. Also, Vit C & zinc together kicks the germs right out of the system so do take that too. It’ll help!

    Anonymous – why don’t you try signing up? Go to and take it from there. Or just type the name you want to write, over “Anonymous” before you post the comment. It does look like it’s not editable text, because it’s in pale grey, but it is. Also, good luck in your search! I hope you find him :)

  6. LeJa says:

    Get better soon!!!

  7. DentalBabe says:

    I thought “Anonymous” was a dude. No?

  8. Simone Grant says:

    Thank you everyone for your well wishes. I’ve had a rough time of it. Luckily I have wonderful friends and family (and blog readers).

    Anon – LPS gave you some good advice. I’m also going to suggest that if you’re dying to share your opinion you do so on your own blog. It’s easy to do here on OnSugar. You can be as nasty as you want to be on your own site.