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Quick Dating Update

There are no second dates on the horizon.  None.  I’m not going to see the heavy drinker again.  Or the recently divorced guy who just moved to the city (Mr. Red Flag).  Or Mr. Early Next Week.

I was supposed to have a couple of other first dates over the weekend but there were scheduling issues.  Mostly my fault, to be honest.  One guy wanted to get together really early on Sunday and I just wasn’t into it.  I’m not much of a morning person nowadays and I’m not interested in rushing out early on a Sunday morning for a , even if the guy seems like he might be cool.  And the other one, well he was just being extra special fussy and I have a feeling we might never meet because I don’t have the patience for extra special fussy guys, even if they have lots of other things going for them.

There are a few other guys I’ve been “talking” with (combo of email and actual phone calls, mostly email).  I’ll probably have a couple of dates this weekend.  I don’t think I have any free time until then.  Someone wanted to take me out tonight, but I have plans with a friend so…

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