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Make Me a Match

Lostplum and I were lucky enough to chat with most of the guys from the Man Panel during the little cocktail hours they had after each night of . We decided to reconvene the Man Panel in a less formal setting so that we could continue to pick their brains about some important dating issues. In other words, we invited the guys out for beer and wings.

We weren’t sure if any of them would show, but figured that if they didn’t we’d hang out all night and eat wings and drink beer (sounds like fun to me).  But almost all of the guys showed: Tom from YourTango; Max from the NYPost and also the author From Schlub to Stud; Ted, the co-creator of Sexy Slang; Michael from Glamour and Ron, the author of The Bachelor Chronicles (you should totally check out these links, btw).  I had a blast AND came away with at least a half dozen topics for future posts.  Maybe more.  I need to find some time later this afternoon to just sit and brainstorm without electronic interruptions.

Anyway, as we were leaving Max and I started to talk about matchmaking.  It seems he’s a bit of an amateur .  We didn’t get into the details of how this came to be, but he asked me if I wanted to be matched and I said hell yeah.  I don’t really expect anything to come of it, but it’s nice to think there’s someone out there looking on my behalf.

Which got me to thinking.  Maybe this is something more of us should be doing.  I mean, maybe more of us who have single friends and/or who are single should take a more active role in finding appropriate matches for them.  Not in a meddling way.  And only if they want to be matched (there are single people who are perfectly happy being single).

But if each of us sat and wrote down the names of all of the people we knew who are single and looking and really thought about it, would there be any potential matches there?  What if we compared our list to the list of a close friend?

I know I’m being a little crazy and idealistic here.  I just think it’s an interesting concept to play with.  The idea that everyday people can be matchmakers for the people in their lives.  Hmmm.

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4 to “Make Me a Match”

  1. MissMollyMoo says:

    I wonder what the stats are on numbers of couples who meet through friends…

    Honestly, I’d rather be matched by a friend than just do dates off a website. My friends know me, they know the kinds of guys I’d like, and if the date sucks then they have to listen to me kvetch about it… (but not so much kvetching that they no longer want to be my friend)

  2. Simone Grant says:

    I’d be interested in that stat, too. Although I wouldn’t trust it. I never trust those things. My worst date ever was from a set-up and so I don’t think set-ups are necessarily better than online dating, but then the friend who did it wasn’t really trying very hard. It was more of a “why not” thing.

  3. lostplum says:

    I always say I would rather be set up by a friend, but then again some of my worst date experiences ever were set up by friends. They know you, but then again sometimes they don’t. I think if Max found someone for you it might work. He’s a good third party type friend. Haven’t known him “forever”, and hasn’t meet any guys you have dated (that he knows of)…….when friends who have meet previous relationship guys set you up…that is always TROUBLE!

  4. Simone Grant says:

    What a strange and interesting comment – the friends who’ve met the exes are the worst ones at making matches? Hmmmm. I don’t know what to make of that at all. I trust you that it’s been true for you, though. Do you have a theory as to why?