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Yeah, I Think I AM Ready

All day long, I’ve had the same stuck in my head.  I woke up thinking of it and just couldn’t shake it.

It’s an old song, one that few of you have ever heard.  It’s kind of odd that I find myself thinking of it as much as I do (in fact, I posted a link to it back in January – that’s the original version from the 80s). It was never one of my favorite songs, but it seems to be haunting me in recent months.

Anyway, I’ve given it some thought and decided that maybe there’s some meaning to it.  Maybe I’m reminding myself that there’s something at stake in this whole dating game.  Or should be.  And that for me to be truly successful I have to be willing to put my heart on the line.

So yeah, I am ready to be heartbroken.  Bring it on.

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6 to “Yeah, I Think I AM Ready”

  1. Hypatia says:

    It’s good to be reminded of that every once in awhile, because these days I’m not seeing anything good come out of dating!

  2. cjw666 says:

    Dating like the rest of life is a lottery. Sometimes you don’t think you’ve got much chance of a “win”, but if you don’t enter, the odds are a big fat zero!

  3. MissMollyMoo says:

    Yep. I did this recently. I got emotionally attached BEFORE sleeping with a guy, which is something I never do. We’re not together now, but I learned a lot. It’s worth it, putting your heart out there… it is also absolutely terrifying!

  4. Jen-from-NY says:

    That was an interesting comment, Miss Molly Moo. I fell in love the first time before having sex with him and well, that was a lot of attachment. Although now I thik I get attached to guys I do stuff with (not many yet. I’ll let you know when there’s more empirical data.)

  5. Simone Grant says:

    Oh sweetie, I know how you feel. Really I do. It get’s awfully frustrating. Just please don’t internalize it. It’s NOT YOU.
    Excellent metaphor. I’ll have to work a post around that somehow.
    I have a little secret for you. I have been “in love” exactly twice. And both times my heart was completely won over before we had sex. Shhh. It’s true. Now, granted, I fell in love really fast both times. So we’re talking a matter of days (very intense days of nonstop communications). But still.
    A lot of women feel like they become attached with everyone they become physical with. A LOT. You could be one of them. There’s nothing wrong with that. But if you do, then I suggest you become awfully picky about who you kiss. :-)

  6. MissMollyMoo says:

    Yeah, I am working on not closing off after this last incident. I’m 21, it was my first online dating adventure and he and I were basically communicating nonstop too. It was going really well, we’d hung out a bunch fo times before I spent the night. We slept together and he went MIA. The funny thing is, for the first time I honestly believe I did nothing wrong, and that it’s not a reflection on me. But I still feel used :-(