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And Then There Were None

A friend of mine got last weekend.  I’m very happy for her.  Very happy.  I’m saying this without a trace of cynicism or jealousy.  She’s completely in love with the guy and he’s completely in love with her and I think they’ll be very happy together.

There is little part of me, though, that can’t help but see this as a defining moment in my life.  She’s the last of my single girlfriends to get married.  And she’s a few years younger than me.

It’s official.  I’m the last single woman standing.

Now, unlike a lot of the woman I know, I’ve never been dying to get married.  Never had baby fever.  And I’m not particularly sorry that I probably won’t have a husband and a kid.  Those were choices I made a long time ago and I’m cool with them.  I don’t actually dislike my life as a single woman.

But not having any single girlfriends left does change things for me.  Even if only subtly.  I feel like a bit of a pariah.  Like the one person who wasn’t invited to the ball.

I can already see the next few years turning in to one big awkward social situation.  I’ll be the only single at the dinner parties.  Except sometimes it’ll just be too awkward to have me around, so I won’t be invited at all.   I’ll understand and won’t have any hard feelings about it, but it will be sad to see less of my friends.

And everyone I know will suddenly feel even more obligated to try and set me up.  Which is sweet. And I usually don’t mind.  Except for when they set me up with complete jerks.   My worst date ever was a set up from a friend.   Twenty times worse than any online dating experience I’ve ever had.

Anyway, I’m already embracing this new stage of my life.   Not having a husband and kids has allowed me up to do so many amazing things in the last few years that I could never have if I was “tied down”.   It’s my choice, and as far as I’m concerned I’m not alone, I’m free.

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