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Anonymous Part 2

This is the second part of multi-part story.  The first part is here.

“Last week I talked about my breakdown. This week I’ll give you some of the back-story.

I met Emily at a conference. I had been a fan of her writing for some time and even posted a few comments on her blog. I knew she would be at the conference and put her on my long list of people to try to meet while I was there. I knew from her blog that she had a sort-of boyfriend. Ergo I didn’t think a romantic connection was likely, but no matter. I’ve become very successful in business by getting to know a lot of people. It never hurts to add an influential media figure to your network.

A couple of days before the conference I DM’d her on Twitter (she’s one of those semi-celebs on Twitter who auto-follows everyone who follows her). My business partner and I were trying to arrange a few dinners with interesting people at the conference. Would she like to join us for one?

Her answer was non-committal. I suspected she got a lot of this kind of thing and so her default response to strangers is the non-response response. (I later confirmed hypothesis.) I DM’d her again to try to pin down a specific time, but she didn’t respond.

At this point I figured she thought I was a stalker and gave up. I joked about this with my business partner. I said: “I contacted a few people about coming to one of our dinners. I’m pretty sure one of them thinks I’m a stalker.”

He said, “Is she hot?”


“Then that’s probably because you were stalking her.”


Fast forward to the conference itself. One evening I was at a reception with several industry friends and happened to notice that Emily was standing less than 6 feet away from me. Even better, she was alone. Normally I’m shy in these situations, but I had had a couple beers and so mustered up the courage to introduce myself.

“Hi. Just wanted to introduce myself and say I’m a fan.”

I’m smooth like that.

Fortunately she didn’t realize I had DM’d her before, so it was a clean slate. And somehow we managed to have an intelligent conversation. And we’d both had a few drinks and started flirting. And I learned that she had dumped the sort-of boyfriend. And I learned that we had a lot of similar interests and even some mutual acquaintances.

And next thing I know we’re back in her hotel room going at it like teenagers.

During breaks in the action we had very revealing conversations about ourselves, and not just pillow talk. We were very vulnerable with one another. I felt a connection I had only felt with two other lovers, and never so quickly. It was intoxicating. Emily later told me that she had never had sex with someone who was so tuned in to the present moment with her.

So I guess I really am smooth like that.

The next day the conference ended and we went back to Austin and Nashville, respectively. Emily had to catch a very early flight. We woke up in a fog and stumbled down to the lobby so she could catch a cab. I kissed her goodbye, then went back to my room, from which I sent her a text message:

“I already miss your lips.”

Later that day she texted me back:

“On the plane I closed my eyes and went to sleep thinking of you.”

Roughly 24 hours before, I had thought I might get lucky and hook up for a one-night stand. But that message made me want to frame my iPhone and hang it on the wall. She really liked me!

At the airport I passed the time reading archives from her web site, joked with my friends about scoring, then got on the plane with a bunch of my fellow Texans.

I was content.

I thought back to the night before. Specifically, I thought of our first kiss. Like many first kisses, it was a bit awkward. But soon our tongues were entwined and over the course of the evening we nearly chewed each other’s face off.  I will remember that first kiss for the rest of my life.

Wait. I left out an important part. Back at the party, several friends of mine were with me when I met Emily, and they interacted with her as well. The unamimous assessment from them? “She’s probably great in bed, but psycho. Do not date her.”’


3 to “Anonymous Part 2”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe this should be called the stalked love story. You sound sort of stalkerlike.

  2. @icounsel4food says:

    sounds like chemistry at work. 2 people really clicked well and left a mark on each other. I’m curious how someone could fall in “love” so quickly. I’m sure the feelings are real but the romantic in me says that love is so much more than feelings. To me, it kind of sounds like he set himself up for this (i.e. got emotionally involved with someone who’s physically unavailable to him). I’m curious to find out why he idealized this woman so much and wanted to connect (perhaps reading her blog gave him a sense of intimacy). I hope he can recover soon and keep it moving.

  3. Simone Grant says:

    Well, I’m not going to say anything about whether or not he sounds like a stalker. I just can’t wait to read next week’s story.
    Yeah, I also thought he’d set himself up for it. I’ve done that myself. Become completely sure I was going to like someone. It’s weird how easily we can fool ourselves into believing a person we’ve never met is right for us.