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Hiatus + other stuff

I’ve decided to put Best Date Spots on hiatus.  At least for this week.  Maybe more.  I love and I love writing about cool places to go here (although truth be told, I’ll never give up my top 3 favorite places for fear that they’ll become even more crowded).  But I’m just not feeling it right now, and I’m not all that sure anyone’s going to miss this feature.

So, I’m skipping it this week,  If you want me to bring it back, let me know (Twitter, email, comments – you know the options).

In others news, I just wanted to say thank you AGAIN to eveyone who’s been using the little Tipjoy thing over there.  It’s nice to know that my “work” here is appreciated.

Lastly, the quickest of quick dating updates.  There are a few guys I’ve been communicating with via email but they are all dragging things out.  Not making me happy at all.  I had been assuming I’d meet at least two of them this week.  But now I’m not sure.

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