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Dropping Fruit

I just got in from a late supper with Lostplum.  We were good tonight – burgers and fries but no booze so that we could both go home afterwards and get some work done.

Earlier in the evening we attended the third session of Dating Bootcamp.   Tonight’s theme was, “How to Get a Guy” and was all about how women should make the first move/initiate the first contact.  I have to say, I liked tonight’s session a lot more than the first two.  I thought it was more useful, as it was sharing info that a lot of women really needed to hear.

I actually have a lot I want to say about this.  It’ll probably be the topic of our weekly poll (tomorrow is Wednesday and that means a poll).  For now, though, I wanted to share one small thing with you.

One of the women in the audience asked if there was a specific strategy that the hosts or the guys on the panel could recommend (it sounded like she was asking for a line or a pick up routine).  One of the guys on the suggested that she go to the produce department of her local supermarket and drop a piece of fruit every time a hot guy walked by.  In theory, the guy would pick up the fruit and hand it back to her and conversation would flow.

Lostplum has promised to test this theory out for us (she’s a brave woman).

I personally think it’s one of the silliest things I’ve heard in days.  And I hear an awful lot of silly shit.  I’ve always been a big fan of, “Hello”.  It’s not fancy, but it works.

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7 to “Dropping Fruit”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey babeeee, drop that fruit and talk to me.

  2. lostplum says:

    Me: whole Foods: and Mangos: TOMORROW!

  3. Momma Sunshine says:

    Hm. I’ll be interested in hearing the results of this study. Should be interesting. 😉

  4. alfabeta says:

    I think that dropping fruit ritual is just a cliche we know from cheesy movies.

    I like the “Hello” approach much better. It is something you wouldn’t expect and only a moron wouldn’t start a conversation with you.

    This goes both ways though. A guy dropping a fruit at Whole Foods? Not so much.

    Happy helloing

  5. TonyImages says:

    I agree -alfabeta- this approach would more than likely get you nasty looks of disgust rather than looks of lust (guys perspective) theres not much chivalry in todays society.
    While I open doors and hold chairs for my date.. I don’t see others doing it much. Even my dates are surprised and don’t actually know how to approach a door so that I can open it or wanna wait for me to open the car door.

  6. browolf says:

    I can’t really think of any conversations that might start on the subject of mangoes after the handback and the thanking.

  7. Simone Grant says:

    I thought it was an incredibly cheesy suggestion and shudder to think that some of the women from that audience are going to try it. But I fear a few will. I pity the guys.