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Dating Update – A Quickie

I have a couple of dates set up for this week.  Just a couple.  I thought it might be more, but a few of the guys I’ve been communicating with via OKC and nerve have completely flaked out on me.  Oh well.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about it’s that a person shouldn’t take any of it too seriously (Actually, I’ve learned several things about .  That’s just the biggest thing.).  I have no idea why these guys have disappeared.  They could have lost interest.  Or met someone else.  Or just become really busy with work.  Or gotten back together with their ex-girlfriends.  So many possibilities.  Who the fuck really cares?  I just know that I’ll have more free time this week than I’d expected and so maybe I’ll actually get all caught up with stuff.

I have a date today/Tuesday (before Dating Bootcamp, I wouldn’t skip that) and then another on Wednesday night.  And who knows, maybe one of these guys is amazing and I’ll want to have a second date with him.  Hey, it could happen.

In other news, I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who’s been using the Tipjoy thingy.  Even more than the financial assistance (which is very nice) it’s just gratifying to know that this blog is so valued by my readers.

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