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Sangria Makes It Better

As I mentioned, I had a date with a very dull man last night.  Lucky for me, he picked a great place for us to meet.  Someplace that would never have occured to me, before.  But it was such a good choice that I’ve decided it belongs on my Best Date Spots list.

At 70th Street right on the Hudson River is a park with a cafe (it’s called the Pier 1 Cafe). It’s one of the newer river parks (and hence one of the newer cafes).  I don’t know how long it’s been there. Maybe five years?  It’s a neighborhood that I don’t usually wander into, that southwestern bit of the UWS where Trumpland casts a shadow over everything for blocks.

Anyway, that cafe happens to have pretty fine sangria.  So on a beautiful night (like last night) you can sit by the river and drink sangria.  Who cares if your date is boring?  You’ve got sangria and the river.  What more does a girl need?


2 to “Sangria Makes It Better”

  1. Momma Sunshine says:

    You know, it’s always good to be able to find something to be grateful for. And if it can’t be your date, then it should be the booze.

  2. Simone Grant says:

    -Momma Sunshine
    I love the way that you think!