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Kissing and Telling (and other things that bloggers do)

I was thinking yesterday as I read a post on someone else’s (I’m not going to say who, this isn’t about pointing fingers) that I really don’t get it.  This blogger had written some things that seemed to me to be the equivalent of a kid standing in the middle of a playground, stripping to his underwear and shouting curses.  In other words, it was all about, LOOK AT AT ME, everyone look at me.

It wasn’t an aberration.  I’ve seen this blogger make similar ploys for the public’s attention in the past.  And in reality, it seems as though many bloggers, certainly many dating/sex bloggers, will do and write things purely to get a little extra attention on a slow traffic week.

It makes me really uneasy for a lot of reasons.

Anyway, I’m not trying to start a war here.  It was just what I was thinking as I sat down to write. And I want to assure my readers, I’m never going to date someone I wouldn’t otherwise because it would make good blog copy, or write anything intentionally sensational.  Nor am I ever going to make any attempt to market myself.  As a product.  I’m not a product.  I’m a writer.  Perhaps that’s naive, but it’s how I feel.

So speaking of kissing and telling, there was quite a bit of kissing between me and the European last night.  It started in the restaurant, which surprised me a bit as there’s never been any between us before.  And then after dinner we came back to my place.  And there was lots more kissing.  And plenty of nakedness. And that was all good and nice.

After sex, he very sweetly asked if I’d be offended if he didn’t spend the night.  He had mentioned earlier in the evening some things he’d need to do early today.  I said I wasn’t at all offended and he left.  And truthfully, I was happy about that.  I’m not quite ready to invest that much in this relationship.  I know I like him.  Quite a bit.  And he passed the sex test.  But I’m still not sure.  I guess with each passing guy I become harder and harder to convince.

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3 to “Kissing and Telling (and other things that bloggers do)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I delete comments on my blog that just advertise. If I feel a blogger is doing the “me me me” thing too often, I won’t follow them any longer. The good thing is that I have that choice :)
    Sounds like a good date that you had. You may indeed be becoming harder and harder to convince, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing either. bobbyboy

  2. Simone Grant says:

    Of course I can just stop reading individual bloggers. What makes me uneasy is the way that certain types of marketing and stunts are just considered the norm. And it’s a norm I want nothing to do with because it seems tawdry and a little sad. Yes, more tawdry and sad than I’m willing to live with.
    Not sure if that makes sense.

    And yes, perhaps it’s not a bad thing that I’m becoming harder to convince. Maybe it should have happened years ago.

  3. LeraJenkins says:

    Bravo, your idea it is brilliant