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Main Entry: jaded

Function: adjective

2:  made dull, apathetic, or cynical by experience or by surfeit

I’ve been trying to work on something else and the last couple of lines of my last post ( “But I’m still not sure.  I guess with each passing guy I become harder and harder to convince.”) kept coming back to me.  I think, perhaps, I am.  Jaded.

I wonder if there’s a cure?

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4 to “Jaded”

  1. Teifion says:

    A good time with the right man.

  2. The Accidental Divorcée says:

    For me, it’s learning to be aware of those thoughts. I think I already quoted Oscar Wilde’s “It’s easy to be cynical” here already, but it’s sort of my mantra these days. When you’ve been through enough crap with people, it’s easy (and, frankly, safe) to think you’re only going to go through more crap with people. But it’s also not a very enjoyable outlook, I’ve found.

    Blind optimism doesn’t work all that well either, of course. What works for me, despite the great effort it takes, is to simply let go of my expectations and enjoy the good things of the current moment.

    Whatever happens down the road with The European or anyone else doesn’t matter. For now, from what you’ve said, he’s treating you well and with respect. And, for the moment, that’s good. So enjoy it. :-)

  3. Anonymous says:

    The eyes usually give me the answer to a person, so I guess I can’t tell too well with words. Bobbyboy

  4. Simone Grant says:

    That may very well be the smartest thing you’ve ever said.
    -The Accidental Divorcee
    Great point. I’m a big fan of the phrase, play it as it lays. We’re all dealt the hand we’re dealt. I need to focus on this hand, not the crappy one I had four games ago.
    Sadly, I’ve never learned the mystical ability to look into a person’s eyes and see their soul.