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Yes, I’d Like Fries With That

I outed myself last week, on my 7 things I love list.  I am a serious french-fry-a-holic.  I could easily live off of nothing but fries for the rest of my life.

Now, just a quick aside.  I’ve lived in the UK and can very quickly shift gears and go on and on about my love for chips.  However, they are not the same thing.  They’re thicker and have an entirely different texture.  But what’s important is that both are deep fried potato love.

A long, long time ago I mentioned in a post that I couldn’t really be attracted to a guy who was either a picky eater or a health nut.  There were people who couldn’t understand that.  Maybe I should have said, “I’m addicted to french fries and can’t really deal with a guy who won’t indulge with me at least once in a while”.

Speaking of indulging, I like to indulge on dates.  Sadly, one of my favorite places for moules frites, Florent, closed last year.  Theirs were always perfectly salty and fabulously delicious.

But life goes on and I’ve started getting my moules frites from Markt*. , also in the meatpacking district. They’re perfectly yummy.  Probably even better than the moules frites at Florent.  At Markt you have a choice of a few different sauces for your mussels.  I don’t love the vibe of the place the way I loved Florent, but then I started going to Florent in my early 20s, back when that neighborhood seemed like the end of the world.  It’s not fair to compare the two.  And Markt works well enough for dates.

Now that it’s warm, I like to spend a lot of time outdoors.  I’m hoping to, sometime in the next week or so, have a ‘fries in the park’ date.  There’s a great Belgian fry place called Pommes Frites on 2nd Ave in the East Village where you can pick up cones of fries (they have dozens of toppings and dipping sauces to choose from).  It’s just a few minutes walk from there to Tompkins Square Park.  I’m hoping some guy (maybe The European) will think fries in the park sounds like an awesome idea for a date.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

*I had a rocky week last week and subsequently rocky weekend.  Dental horrors.  Anyway, in my painkiller induced haze I’d forgotten that Markt had moved.  I’ve been to the new location on 6th Ave.  It’s conveniently located near a David’s Bridal, just in case you ever have to go wedding dress shopping with a friend.  The moules frites at the new location are still pretty awesome.


9 to “Yes, I’d Like Fries With That”

  1. SpikeTheLobster says:

    OMG, moules frites. Leon de Bruxelles on the Boulevard Montparnasse, just on the corner of the Rue de la Gaite… boy, there’s a memory. Crap service, wonderful food. Have to say I’m more of a chip man than a french fry lover, mostly because fries have a tendency to be a bit soggy. I’ve always loved the slightly crispy edges on a perfect chip – which the place on the corner does to a ‘T’. Now I’m hungry, too. *drool*

  2. Anonymous says:

    Florent was a cool place. But wasn’t Markt closed 2 years ago to give way for the new Apple Store?
    But there are many other places for GOOD fries. Maybe you should give one of your dates a hint that you like them?

  3. bellaressa says:

    That sounds so yummy. I thought I was only an addict – I love all that is potato.

  4. SINgleGIRL says:

    I think my brain would melt if someone tried to make me choose between chips and fries. I love them both so very much.
    It MOVED. And I totally effed up in my post. Thanks so much for pointing it out to me (I was a little medicated this weekend, oops).
    You are not the only one my dear. No man could get between me and my fries.

  5. queenieNYC says:

    The best moules frites I’ve had recently were at West Branch, Ouest’s new place on the UWS. It’s at 77th and Broadway, and the moules (and frites) were insanely good. So was the roast chicken, as it happens. And the celeri remoulade. OK, now I’m hungry.

  6. SINgleGIRL says:

    Well, knowing that you have AMAZING taste in restaurants I’m going to have to rush out and try that place -even if it is on the UWS :-).

  7. AonFame says:

    If you love fries, this will make you laugh:

  8. Adam C S says:

    I just ate at Pommes Frites a couple of days ago, on a nice date that included biking and walking a total 5+ miles (that info was irrelevant). Afterwards, we made it over to Momofuku Milk Bar for some weird, yet delicious rosemary soft serve ice cream. I hope that would considered a worthy date for you! Cool site. Glad I stumbled onto it :)

  9. darcydates says:

    Great blog! I wonder if we have dated some of the same men here in NYC! Here is one I wrote about holding one of my dates hostage while I downed a plate of fries! sometimes a girl needs a few fries!