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Battle of the Sexes????

I’m a big fan of Naked with Socks On.  It’s a smart, funny and brutally honest site.  Nobody over there is trying to say the right thing (which makes me happy, as I think we all suffer when people say what they think we want to hear, instead of what they think is right).

Anyway, I guess I got a little behind on my reading again because I almost missed these two great posts.

Things Men Don’t Understand About Women

Things Women Don’t Understand About Men

I don’t agree with everything on the ‘things women don’t understand’ list, but it’s a fine start (and funny).  Here’s my top three:

  1. Why do so many men have issues with saying they are sorry? (yeah, I’ve written about that before)
  2. Why do so many men lie as their default setting when telling the truth would be just as easy?
  3. Why are so many men indecisive?   That really pisses me off.

Dear Male Readers -please note how I said, “so many”.


6 to “Battle of the Sexes????”

  1. drumdance says:

    I don’t have a problem with 1 & 3, but a lot of guys, myself included, have learned the hard way that honesty is not always the best policy. Especially when you’re first meeting a girl. They like confidence, but the truth is that most guys (in fact, most *people*) are not very confident. So we fake it.

  2. SINgleGIRL says:

    We absolutely like confidence. :-) I think there’s a big difference between faking confidence and telling lies. Perhaps it’s shades of gray.

    But I can easily forgive someone pretending to be more confident than he actually is. I can’t forgive someone telling me things he knows aren’t true and then continuing to lie when confronted because he was afraid that either, A) I couldn’t handle the truth or B) I’d break up with him if I knew the truth. A is just lame. And if a guy had been lying then he deserves B.

  3. drumdance says:

    Ok. What if you ask “do you love me more than [old girlfriend x]?”

    I’ve been asked that. The answer was no and it put a strain on the relationship. Needlessly IMO.

  4. SINgleGIRL says:

    -Haha. That’s just a dumbass question asked by an insecure person. Sorry.

  5. queenieNYC says:

    @drumdance: Anyone stupid enough to ask that question deserves the answer. Sorry, is my bitch showing?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’ve commented on number one previously (I’m not one of the so many) :)
    I don’t understand number 2 other than this: I will join a site that looks interesting because I have to fill out a profile to really find out if the site is cool. Many times, I find out right away that the site is not for me or bull-cookies. I un-join and have given no real info about myself. If I like it, I change the info in the profile to the real me.
    Number 3 may have many facets? I can say the generally men don’t want to argue and will avoid some decisions that may lead to a fight.