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I Can’t So I Won’t

My regular readers know that I’m a bit anal about this blog.  I tend to have posts written in advance and even have a little calendar where I plot out topics that I want to write about.  I guess this makes me a freak in the blogging world, especially amongst dating bloggers, but the truth is that I was a manic workaholic for a lot of years.  Some of my old habits were bound to carry over.

Anyway, there’s a topic that’s been on my calendar for a couple of weeks.  A friend’s wedding is next month and this brings up a few issues for me.  But I haven’t gotten around to writing a single word about it.

I just can’t.  It’s not a lack of discipline.  It’s something else.

Anyway, I’d promised myself I’d write about it today and it’s already past 8pm so clearly that’s not going to happen. I just can’t.

So instead I’ll just be incredibly lame and post some links.  These are articles that have appeared in The Frisky and The Huffington Post in the last few days about what not to do on a first date.  I’d read the Huffpo one before I wrote yesterday’s 7 Things post, but not the one in .  I just saw that one today.


2 to “I Can’t So I Won’t”

  1. Dont be a Slut says:

    Ha ha, that’s the secret to why your blog is so good. I truly, truly enjoy reading your blog – and I just added it to “my absolute favs” blog roll.

  2. SINgleGIRL says:

    Thanks so much sweetie. I don’t know about “so good”. But I certainly am prolific:-)