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Aw Shucks and Stuff

One of my dear friends Bobbyboy was given a much deserved Kreativ Blogger Award yesterday and as part of this he was asked to pass the award on to seven blogs he loves.  He named this as one of them.

I’m honored.

So now I have to name 7 blogs that I love and pass this award on to them (I think that’s how it works).  Oh but first, if I understand this correctly, I need to list 7 things I love.  Just to keep it interesting I’ll make them all not about sex or dating or relationships – for a change.

  1. french fries
  2. a perfect Manhattan
  3. tulips
  4. good, strong coffee
  5. long walks in Central Park
  6. tres leches doughnuts from the Doughnut Plant
  7. August in Edinburgh

Yeah, I do realize that a lot of these are things to eat and drink. Take away sex and what did you expect?

And now for those blogs I adore.  I decided to focus on blogs that aren’t specifically sex/dating/relationship blogs (I love lots of those, too). And like Bobby, I’m not listing these in any specific order:

Hmm.  What else?  Oh, yes.  My first piece for Ignighter’s magazine was posted yesterday.  That was kinda cool, too.


10 to “Aw Shucks and Stuff”

  1. Devon aka Dru says:


  2. nichellest says:

    I love, LOve, LOVE tres leches doughnut from Doughnut Plant!

  3. starangel82 says:

    Congrats on all fronts.

  4. SINgleGIRL says:

    Welcome to the blog, nichellest. Yeah, I don’t know what they put in those, but I’d eat nothing else for a week and be perfectly happy :-)
    Thanks everyone.

  5. queenieNYC says:

    Aw, SHUCKS!!! You are just too cool, my darling. Thank you so much for the shout-out. And, please know – the feeling is very, very mutual. Mm-wah!

  6. queenieNYC says:

    And congrats on the Ignighter piece – who rules? You do!

    One final note – my brother met his wife at the Edinburgh Fringe. So I’m with you on the August in Edinburgh thing. :)

  7. Shannia says:

    Congrats, you deserve it, your blog is awesome :)

  8. TranqJones says:

    Next to in-the-flesh-lips-eyes-&-mind love, being adored by you Simone is the next best thing 😉

    Thanks for the shout out!

    I’m working feverishly on my ‘guest post.’ Coming soon…

    love and french fries,

  9. SINgleGIRL says:

    Love and French fries? Damn, that’s almost all I need. Thanks again everyone.

  10. BBboy says:

    How did I miss this post? Anyway, it’s well deserved as you are one of the top blogs in all blogdom :)