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Just So We’re Clear

Some of you know some of this already.  I haven’t tried to hide it.  But I didn’t want anyone making any false assumptions about me or my motives.

I have a new job or two.  Well, kind of, in the way that people out here in the blogosphere/twitterverse sometimes get paid to write for other sites or represent companies on .

Starting this past week, I’m now working with/for I represent them for a few hours a day on Twitter as 140lover and sometime in the very near future you’ll be able to find me on their site’s .

I have a couple of things I wanted to say about this, as clarification.  First, I put some thought into this before I even applied for the gig (not that I was sure I was going to get it, I’ve been applying for a lot of stuff, but nothing I wouldn’t want to do).  I checked out the 140love site and while I thought it might still need some technical work (and they are still in start up mode and making tweaks) I thought that they had the most fully realized product on offer for a Twitter-based service.  And I really like the idea of a Twitter-based service.   Some of us spend a lot of time on Twitter.  And we reveal a lot of our personalities out there.  I liked the idea of being able to read a person’s Twitter stream before I decided if I wanted to date him or not.

Anyway, I liked the idea of the service so I applied for the job.  And they hired me so now a few hours a day I tweet as 140lover.  Some people follow me as both Simone Grant and 140lover.  Some as only one or the other. It would seem odd to me if all of my (Simone Grant’s) married followers started to follow 140lover.  And some people who don’t know me as Simone Grant are starting to follow me as 140lover because of 140love.  That’s the second thing I wanted to point out, I guess.   That 140lover is associated with my job and so I am trying to remember to have more of my “personal” conversations on my personal twitter account.

But wait, there’s more.  Just to add some more chaos into the mix.  Sometime in the next week or so, I will also start blogging for Ignighter’s magazine.  I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of group dating and so I’m really excited about this (If you’re unfamiliar with the group dating idea, you should totally check out their site.  I’m meeting with a few of my girlfriends tomorrow to put together our “group” and am kind of giddy about it.)

So there you have it, there’s more of me out there now.  More of me to love, or to ignore if you so choose.  I’m excited about the decisions I’ve made.  I think they’re in keeping with my general philosophy of dating.  Alright, I don’t really have a philosphy of dating.  The closest thing I have to one is: “Dating is good.  There is no bad way to meet a person.  Get out there and meet people.”  And now I get to work with two smart, innovative companies that are providing new alternatives in the dating game.

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6 to “Just So We’re Clear”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wooooohooooo! Congrats on the work!! Well done.

  2. SpikeTheLobster says:

    Ditto on the congo-rats for the jobs – that’s absolutely brilliant and they suit you really well (I think, though I’m deranged, as you know). I especially like the 140love idea: that’s very innovative and it intrigues me how it’ll work out – whether it’ll encourage people to have a separate Twitter persona for dating or if they’ll use their main and “let you in” before matching and stuff. Man, you could write a psychological treatise on that one.

    Hey, you know what’s going to happen now, don’t you? You’re going to become a “dating expert”, just like all those people who you wondered how they became experts! Hehehe! Remember us small fish when you’re appearing on Oprah and dining with Barbara Walters, Jay Leno and the other famous folks, eh? 😉

  3. jenmata says:

    Great you have a new job (s), now what is this about group dating? How does that work?

  4. aGirlNamedMe says:

    Rock on. So glad you have a couple of new gigs lined up – and so quickly, too. xoox

  5. SINgleGIRL says:

    Thanks so much everyone. I appreciate everyone’s kindnesses and support, so much. I’m still looking for MORE, but I’ve gotten some stuff going on at least.
    You should check out the ignighter site. Basically, you put together a small group of friends (all single) and your group meets up with a group of guys. This way there’s less pressure to “like” a specific person. And if you don’t like any of the guys then you’re still just hanging out with your friends. It’s all very low-key and almost non datey. But still meeting new guys. I like it.

  6. Atanim says:

    Well done! You must be really busy now! Without you, dating is never possible lol