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Ten Reasons Why I Love Men

A while ago I was hanging out with two of my dearest female friends (who happen to be lesbians).  We were talking about the recent demise of my latest , one that had seemed promising and then suddenly turned into a big pile of shit.

And I said, “it would be so much easier if I could just like women.”  And we all got a little chuckle out of that.  The three of us had never talked about it, but anyone who knows me well knows, I’m pretty far over on that Kinsey scale.  I really, really like guys.  Really.  Too much.  And women – well, like I said, my life would be easier if I could like them, too.  Me and guys have such a crappy track record.

So, given my crappy track record, what is it about that I love so much?

Here they are, Ten Reasons Why I Love Men (Please be advised that this is a tongue in cheek list, it saddens me that I must tell you that up front.  But last time I posted one of these there were lots of folks who didn’t get the joke.):

  1. They almost never notice the 5 lbs that I gained (that I’ve been obsessing over), my stressed out skin or my straggly-needs to be cut hair.  In short, guys are a lot less critical about our looks than we are.  We might look in a mirror and see nothing but flaws, but that’s not the way they see us.  I call it their “permanent rose colored glasses”.
  2. I like with men.
  3. They’re frequently pretty good at fixing things, opening jars, lifting heavy objects.  Pretty damn useful to have around.
  4. I like sex with men.
  5. They don’t obsess over tiny, little things the way I do.  They’re just not programed that way.  Well, not the ones I go for.
  6. I like sex with men.
  7. They love cholesterol at least as much as I do and can eat more than me. Makes me feel like less of a pig.  Mmmm bacon.
  8. I like sex with men.
  9. They will scream at the TV during sporting events and so don’t thinks it’s werid when I do.
  10. I really like sex with men.

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11 to “Ten Reasons Why I Love Men”

  1. Teifion says:

    I’m noticing a pattern, almost like you made a top 10 list but couldn’t actually think of 10 things 😛

  2. starangel82 says:

    I agree with numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. Oh, and 9. :)

  3. Veka says:

    I think I have to agree with 1-10! Sooo true.

  4. iamalejandra says:

    I love that men (well, 97% of the ones I’ve met) are not afraid of killing bugs!! That is a HUGE PLUS for me since I will not go near an insect :)

  5. SpikeTheLobster says:

    Mmm, bacon. Read this:

    Now tell me you’re a vegetarian. 😉

  6. Teifion says:

    @iamalejandra: Just bugs? I killed mice that entered my house in my last year at uni, the girls that lived there thought it was brilliant (the mice avoided the traps and poison, lucky I have good hands).

  7. SINgleGIRL says:

    What are you talking about. I had 10. Haven’t you ever heard, “There’s no such thing as repetition. Only insistence.” Gertrude Stein
    Thanks everyone for having fun with me on this whacky Friday. And damn, iamalejandra – I should have included the bugs.

  8. SDpro says:

    haha! That was funny. I agree with most of your list.. tongue and cheek lol??

  9. cjw666 says:

    I’d guess that, if you’re honest with yourself, you probably like sex with men :)

  10. lostplum says:

    What I hate about men: When I’m not having sex with them!

  11. SINgleGIRL says:

    Welcome to the blog. And yes, definitely tongue in cheek.
    I like the way you think :-)