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Alright, Already

Enough with the whining and the moaning.  No one wants to hear it.

I’ve decided that maybe the best way to handle this crisis is to handle it the way I’ve handled similar crisises in the past (no, not get drunk and sleep with the first gorgeous but inappropriate man who seems convenient, although that did cross my mind).  I’ve fled.  That’s right, kids.  SINgleGIRL has left the city.  I haven’t gone far but I’ve gone far enough to give myself some time and space to collect my thoughts.

And really, what was keeping me there?  Dating?  The European is in Europe and Coach, well Coach has been dragging his feet (all the while telling me how much he likes me) for almost two weeks now.  He can be the one doing the waiting now.  I’ll be back soon.  Ah, wait, there is someone else.  My date from Saturday night, the mystery man.  He’s out of town for the next few weeks, too.  Maybe by then I’ll have a better handle on what I want to say about him, if anything.

I can meet and vet new guys online from where I am.  I have a great wireless connection for my laptop and plenty of coffee to keep me fueled.

I’m not sure when I’ll be back.  Probably sometime next week.  Or the week after that.  I guess it all depends on when I have something to come back for.

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