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Worth Every Penny

Readers who’ve been following my blog for a while might remember that I used to have a Song of the Day feature, in which I’d showcase my rather eclectic taste in .  A quick search (I love my blog’s search feature) for Song of the Day turned up references to Lucinda Williams, Nina Simone, more Nina Simone, Stars, Billy Bragg, Death Cab for Cutie, more Nina Simone (Nina’s my go-to woman when my brain and heart are both on overload), Liz Phair, Diana Krall, Belle & Sebastian, Etta James, Neko Case and more Belle & Sebastian, .  And that was just the first 3 pages.  Like I said, eclectic.

One of the things I love to do for fun is to go see live music.   My favorite place to do that in NYC is Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, which is part of Jazz at Lincoln Center which is actually in the Time Warner Center (essentially an upscale shopping mall at Columbus Circle at the southwest corner of ).  Jazz is my favorite type of music to see live and Dizzy’s is my favorite place to see it in NYC.

I tend to slip this into a conversation pretty early in any relationship, or potential relationship.  I don’t do well with guys who hate jazz.  I don’t need them to love jazz, but I need them to be open-minded about it, and hopefully willing to go with me every once in a while to see it live.

When a guy responds positively and adds his own praise to how wonderful a venue Dizzy’s is, well then, I know I’ve found myself a potential keeper.  When he says he likes jazz and then mentions venues I hate (there are a few jazz venues in the city that I really dislike, each for a different reason) I start to wonder about him.  Yeah, my feelings run that deep.

Back to Dizzy’s – I can’t think of too many other places I’d rather go on a date with a guy I’ve been seeing for a little while.  I say ‘a little while’ because Dizzy’s isn’t a cheap night out, and at those kind of prices I see this as definitely a post sleeping together, sure we like each other date.

Dizzy’s is a supper club.  Tickets to the show are $20-$35, officially, though I’ve never seen a set for less than $30.  And there’s a $10 minimum for the tables, $5 for the bar.  I’ve done both, bar and table and I have to say, I don’t really think my enjoyment is less at the bar, although it’s a whole 10 yards further away from the stage.  The space is just so lovely and the acoustics are perfect, the whole room is magic.  But it’s nice to get a table when you’re on a date and I’d just assume get a table and order a couple of drinks, rather than having dinner.

The food isn’t bad.  I’ve tried several things from the menu. And compared to the food at say, the restaurant at BAM, it’s actually pretty good.  But I’d rather eat somewhere else, before or after the set.  Otherwise, you’re rushing through your meal so as to not make noise while the band is actually playing.

By now I’m sure there are a few people shaking their heads and thinking about how expensive it all sounds.  Figure $60-$70 for the tickets plus another $30 for the table after you’ve added in tax and tip and that’s if you didn’t have dinner, just ordered a couple of drinks.  Then, add in another $20-50 for dinner ($20 for two people would be an extremely cheap meal anywhere within 10 blocks of there).

So, yeah, it’s a lot of money. And worth every penny.

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