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Monday Morning Blahs

I miss Spring.  Just last week it was winter and then yesterday it was too to sleep.  Yes I have an air conditioner. But I was too to turn it on.  It’s April.  We’re not supposed to need our air conditioners in April.

So because the universe has decided that we no longer need spring and because I’m stubborn, I didn’t sleep last night.

So, what’s this got to do with my life?  Well, the universe is trying to hand me all kinds of shit that I find unacceptable and I’m fighting back.  Being stubborn. Saying no, that’s not good enough for me.  And because of that I’m finding myself dateless.

Coach and I went back and forth and back and forth trying to see if we could get together yesterday. But he was being so lame about it.  He kept saying he wanted to see me without giving me a time or any idea of what he wanted to do (in other words, he’s still the man with no plan).  And I had other things I had to do with my day.  I pointedly said, what do you want to do – specifically.  And he didn’t respond to that. So we didn’t get together at all.  LAME.  I like the guy, but if he can’t do something as simple as make a plan for a date then he and I can’t work. I’m sorry.

Then the European gets in touch with me last night and says his flight is really a day later than he remembered it being and lets get together before he goes.  But I’d already told him I have other plans for tonight.  I’ve got family stuff going on for the next few days.  So he was essentially saying, change your plans for me.  And I said no.

So I’m and cranky and dateless.  And hot.

Sometimes the universe really sucks.  But dammit, I’m standing my ground.

Oooh, now for some business.  It occurred to me that I have some newer readers who may not know the ebb and flow of my posting schedule.  On Mondays I post “Best Date Spots” suggestions.  My ideas for where to go and what to do on dates.  You can find all of those by clicking on the Best Date Spots tab on my header.  And then on Wednesdays I do polls and now Fridays I’ve starting doing lists.  I’m just trying to keep it interesting.

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4 to “Monday Morning Blahs”

  1. Singlegal says:

    Hey! “Lame” is currently the sound track to my life! I do hope it goes away soon. But yes – I feel the same way. It would be nice to find a guy who showed some initiative for a change. Good luck …

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Simone. I know that you don’t really give advice, but since we do have one thing in common (bad sex being a dealbreaker) I was wondering how you would break off dating with someone because you had that 4th/5th date when it got hot and heavy, but it was really bad? Do you tell them “Sorry, dude! But you don’t pass my standards”? How can I get out of this one “nicely”?

  3. Hammer86 says:

    I think I like the European.

  4. SINgleGIRL says:

    LOL. Maybe we should make a little Lame dance. Initiative coupled with follow through. It’s not much to ask, surely?
    I was faced with that very problem just a couple of months ago (a couple?, I think it was a couple). I started to see a man I called The Musician and he just didn’t cut it in that dept. (you can search for the posts about that using the search feature in the top right corner – the one about the bad sex and subsequent break up is I sent him an email (yeah, I was a gutless turd and did it by email) saying that I’d enjoyed getting to know him but that I didn’t feel we were a good fit for one another. Not untrue, but not mean.
    OK. Well good for you. I think I him too. Not sure what difference that makes. He’s gone for a couple of weeks and a lot can happen in a couple of weeks.