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Who Knows?

I think I have a date tonight.  A .  I think.  This guy asked me out last week.  He’d originally asked me out for last Friday but I was busy.  So he suggested tonight and I said yes.

We left the details open.  He said he’d be in touch.

Guess what?  I haven’t heard from him since.  So, I might have a date tonight.  Might not.  He seemed like a really interesting guy and I was looking forward to meeting him.  But honestly, not enough to text, call or email today to follow up.

If he flakes on me, then he flakes.

I’ll get the night off to clean my apartment.  That’ll be fine with me.

This has nothing at all to do with it, but I was listening to it a few minutes ago, and it made me smile.

That’s Say Something, by James.

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2 to “Who Knows?”

  1. RVASarah says:

    I hate it when people do that! My ex used to pull that crap on me constantly. He’d say “Let’s do something on [insert day of the week],” and then he wouldn’t say anything until 10 minutes before he wanted to leave. It was incredibly frustrating.
    Cleaning the apartment is a great alternative to a flakey date. It’s very Zen.

  2. SINgleGIRL says:

    Arghh!!! You know, I can almost deal with it when it’s a guy I’ve known a while and trust. I figure it’s my way of saying, ‘hey, I trust you, we can figure it out at the last minute’. But a first or second date – totally uncool. Yeah, I will so be cleaning. It won’t be very Zen. But it will be therapeutic.