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Play With Your Food

I’ve said it before, I like .  All kinds of .  In fact, there are very few things I don’t eat.

I think eating out should be fun and when I go out I usually want to eat food that I couldn’t cook for myself (not always, sometimes it’s nice to go out for comfort food).   I’m looking for amazing food, a fun experience, something different. I want a “wow” night out.

I’m a big fan of sharing.  I know that not everyone is.  There are people who don’t like anyone else eating off their plate, or touching their food.  Hey, we all have issues.  But me, I love sharing food.  And I like going to restaurants where sharing is a part of the experience.  Most importantly, I think sharing can be a wonderful date experience.  It forces you to communicate with each other on a pretty personal level.

Ethiopian food is one of those cuisines that’s made for sharing.  And for fun.  Everything is eaten with your hands, scooped up with traditional soft bread (injera).  Totally normal for a lot of people in the world but different and kind of playful for a couple of NYers.  It’s served on a communal platter and so you’re each taking what you want, with your hands, from the same plate.

There are a few decent Ethiopian restaurants in the city (sadly my favorite closed years ago).  My current go to place is Meskerem on W47th.  It’s cheap and the food is always yummy, though it’s notorious for poor service.  I’ve never once had an issue with the service there, but the reputation for bad service has been around for years.

If you’re looking for something different to do on a date, someplace a little more adventurous, and you’ve never had Ethiopian food then I strongly recommend you give it a try (or one of the other places in the city).  I can’t guarantee you’ll love the food, but it’s definitely a good date idea.

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5 to “Play With Your Food”

  1. queenieNYC says:

    Dating over Ethiopian food always makes me think of When Harry Met Sally…

    “We’re talking dream date compared to my horror. It started out fine, she’s a very nice person, and we’re sitting and we’re talking at this Ethiopian restaurant that she wanted to go to. And I was making jokes, you know like, ‘Hey I didn’t know that they had food in Ethiopia? This will be a quick meal. I’ll order two empty plates and we can leave.'”

    Yeah. I’m a dork.

  2. Veka says:

    Hahah thanks for the giggle, Queenie :)

    SG, I’ve yet to try Ethiopian food, but now it’s on my list! Too bad I live far, far away from NYC! Next time I visit, I’m gonna make a list of all the awesome places you’ve suggested and try to go to a few of them :)

  3. Shannia says:

    I’ve been to this awesome Ethiopian restaurant here in Montreal on a girls night out, there was 8 of us with 2 big plates and we had fun :) i’ll think about it for a date experience, it could be fun,

  4. starangel82 says:

    You realize how good you’ve got it, right? I’m a girl who loves food, but I don’t get to experience it like you do. Living in small town south, we have Japanese, Chinese, and Mexican as far as ‘ethnic’ food goes. Some of those places aren’t very good. Now, I’m betting NYC doesn’t have anything that compares to the great Southern food you can get here, but sometimes, I’d love to try different things. Or heck, just get some really good Chinese! Okay, I’m done ranting. :)

  5. SINgleGIRL says:

    Damn, you have an amazing memory! Now I know who to turn to for all my insomnia inducing movie quote needs. And you are SO not a dork.
    I love it. And I’m so happy to be able to share my enthusiasm for food (and other things) with everyone.
    I say, go for it. I do have to say that the last time I went out for Ethiopian with a date didn’t got so well, but that’s because he turned out to be a jerk. He picked the neighborhood (it was convenient for him after work) and suggested I pick a restaurant. He said, let’s do something “different”. When I suggested Ethiopian he said, “great”. I specifically asked if he’d had it before and he replied, “I like everything”. Well, he’d never had it before and he was a no sharing kind of guy. He only ate off his side of the platter and didn’t turn the platter to let me taste from it. And he clearly didn’t like it much. Anyway, his fault for not being honest.
    I do know how lucky I am in this respect. But then, I love Southern food and we don’t have many options for it here. My favorite place (Pies N Thighs) closed last year and I’ve been so sad. :-(