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Dating and Other Nonsense

It could be hard, reading my few last posts, to get a sense of what’s going on in my life right now.  So I thought I’d write a quickie and give you an update.

Not much.

I met a seemingly nice, normal, intellingent, handsome guy on (you can read my post Online Dating Doesn’t Have to Suck for more info on that) and he and I have been communicating via email for over a week now.  He was out of town on a business trip all of last week and I’ve been all weekend.  So, that’s been kind of on the back burner.  It looks like the earliest we’re going to meet is next weekend (he’s got work stuff this coming week, catch up from after his trip).

As of this moment I’m not actively working any sites.  All of my profiles are hidden.  I think I might try another site this week, but I have no idea which one.

On a completely unrelated topic, I received a very much unwanted email on Friday night from the bad ex boyfriend. It’d been approximately 6 weeks since the last time I heard from him (to which I replied, “grow the fuck up”).  I guess we’re on a 6 week cycle now.   It really stresses me out when he contacts me.  And he knows that.  He pretends not to know it.  He pretends that he’s just emailing because he’s thinking of me.  But he knows it upsets me.  Anyway, I asked him rather rudely to leave me alone.  I stopped being polite a long time ago.

Oh, and he knows about this blog.  I don’t think he reads it though. But it’s my blog and I get to write whatever I damn well want to write.  And if you (M) see this then consider it my even bigger, public, more embarassing plea to you to stay out of my life.

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10 to “Dating and Other Nonsense”

  1. Singlegal says:

    Down to Earth sounds like it has promise. It’s got to be better than Plenty of Fish, which has it’s amusement factor, for sure! Anyway, sorry to hear about the bad ex boyfriend. If he reads this post – LEAVE SIMONE THE FUCK ALONE! *winks* Keep blogging!

  2. starangel82 says:

    I looked at after you wrote about it last time since I’d never heard of them. There were all of three people for me to choose from in my area. One I’d already been on a date with from, another who didn’t capture my interest, and another who was ‘separated pending divorce’ which is one of my deal breakers. Maybe in a few months the site will grow and I will have a little more selection.

    Sorry to hear about the annoying ex. Maybe you just shouldn’t reply. Don’t give him the satisfaction.

  3. SINgleGIRL says:

    Thank Darling. I will keep going, despite the obvious futility of it all.
    Right now I’m kind of annoyed with DTE. When I told them I was going to write about them (they were following me on Twitter) they gave me all these stats about how they were growing. You know, typical PR crap like I was going to use it in my blog. But I checked back in this week and there were no more members in my area now than before. And I haven’t seen any ads for them so I don’t see how they expect to grow w/o spending money on new members. Anyway.

    You are not the first person who has told me not to reply to bad ex. And I have taken that route in the past. It doesn’t seem to deter him from future contact. Maybe if I could just not ever reply ever again then in 6 months or a year that would be the end of it. Probably. Well, hopefully there is no next time but if there is then I will go back to no replies.

  4. Jane Wonder says:

    This is a simple solution my dearest Simone. Set up a rule in your inbox to file his emails immediately to trash. And don’t go digging for them. As long as you repsond to him, even if it’s to tell him to eff off, you are still giving him attention and responses and that’s exactly what he wants. But you have control over this situation if you want it. File his emails to trash and forget about him. Then he no longer has the power to upset you. This is your decision to make, not his. So make it.

  5. SINgleGIRL says:

    You are absolutley right about never responding to him again. I was doing really well with that for a while. And then I softened. It’s ridiculous to admit this but I really wanted him to turn out to not be an absolute asshole because I couldn’t bear the thought that I’d been in love with someone so mean and horrible. I didn’t want him back. I just wanted him to be a human being. Anyway. I had no idea I could set up my email to autodelete all incoming mail from him. If only I’d known that I could’ve saved myself so much heartache. A year’s worth, in fact.

    What’s done is done. I’m moving forward and he is not in my future. In any way.

  6. Amanda071 says:

    Hi Simone, I came across your blog while searching for online dating sites in my area. And I found your blog quite interesting. I couldn’t stop myself from reading your posts, and enjoyed thoroughly. Well, not exactly, the ex boyfriend part. I hope he doesn’t bother you anymore considering your status now that you might be hanging out with someone else.

    If you are looking to try another dating website, you can check out Not sure if you will find any people in your area, but doesn’t hurt to try. I have also seen lot of people in pof, but there are too many.

    Well, here’s hoping you find your prince charming soon. caio gurl :)

  7. SINgleGIRL says:

    Welcome. I’m glad you found me and thank you. I’m going to keep trying :-)

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  9. SINgleGIRL says:

    Dear rocketmanx
    I am not going to delete your comment, this time. But please be advised that I find comment spam really distasteful. If you are interested in advertising on my site then please contact me and we can talk about that. But note that any future comments you make for the sole purpose of advertising your site will be immediately deleted.

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