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Welcome and Thank you

Gosh, I’ve been so busy lately with other things and with, well quite frankly, just trying to stay healthy enough to keep things going that I haven’t taken the time to say hello and welcome to all of my new readers.  I’ve been noticing lots of new folks popping up on my statcounter.  All of a sudden I have dozens of new people coming by on a regular basis.  I’m really happy that you’re enjoying the site and I hope that you’ll continue to do so.

One of the regulars (he follows the site, but it just seems weird calling someone a “follower”) included this really great link in the yesterday. The article title is, “More People in Love Than Previously Thought”. My favorite point in the article is how can last for decades but in order to make it last it takes a lot of work.  It’s one of those brilliant no-brainers.  Of course it takes a lot of work.  But how many people truly work at it?  Thanks, derek7272, for sharing this with us.

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3 to “Welcome and Thank you”

  1. derek7272 says:

    Actually I disagree with that whole idea that Good Relationships Take Work. I kinda feel like if it feels like work, it probably isn’t going to work. It’s like trying to will yourself to have an erection. When it comes to love and romance, play is what works.

    That said, I get the point that these people make their relationships a priority in their lives and spend time on it — I just hope it doesn’t feel like work. Anyway, the study is online here and here is the Passionate Love Scale they talk about. Who knew there was such a thing??

  2. WiiAdam says:

    Hey you!
    You’ve been chosen as one of my “favorites.”

    Come see your Award.

    Love ya,

  3. SINgleGIRL says:

    Well, of course we disagree. I think that work feels like work. But that it’s worth it. I also don’t think it’s about working at it from day one, but that if couples don’t want to grow apart and lose their romantic love they will have to work at that over time. Not that I have the experience at the 10 year mark. Just a lot of experience watching people not work at it and then fail. If I’m lucky enough to find someone I feel that way about for two years and then three years then I’ll work like hell to make that last for 20 years.
    You’re a doll. Thanks so much. Mwahh.