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But You’re A Cashier – Update

It’s been 3 days and I still haven’t checked out the link (the link to the new guy’s “art”).  I am petrified. He and I have plans for tomorrow night.  I’m sure he’s going to ask me what I thought.  Did I like it?  And I’m going to have to say something.  “I’ve been really busy” is just too lame an answer.

So basically I have one more day to mull this over.  I need to look at the link and pray that I like what I see.  And then if I don’t, I have to decide if I can set aside my feelings about his work while we get to know each other.

Geez, I really have turned into a turkey.


5 to “But You’re A Cashier – Update”

  1. SeanD says:

    Sometimes those 140 little characters just aren’t enough.

    I think you should just go and take a look… after all, from an artist’s point of view their work is all about invoking some kind of reaction, good or bad… I guess the worst thing you could say is that you were indifferent to it (or I suppose in this case you didn’t even look at it).

    Even if you don’t like it, at least it’ll give you a chance to ask about his influences and even possibly “WTF… I just don’t get it!” And who knows… you may just become his next muse. :o)

  2. iamalejandra says:

    Look at the link!! You’ll love it!!

  3. derek7272 says:

    Umm, I don’t understand — this is a guy you haven’t met yet? Why are you concerned that you might not like him or his art?

  4. WiiAdam says:

    Just dive in…make the leap and the ART will follow..or, something.
    Do you have an iPhone?? If you did, you can scroll up the link and
    take peek together.

    Alternative to iPhone: When you meet up, say, “I never view Art before its time.” Then, with grace,
    order a glass of red wine.

    Good Luck.

    `x~you know who. (wink*)

  5. SINgleGIRL says:

    I’m going to take these out of order:
    derek7272, yes and no. There are actually 2 “artists” in questions. One in the performing arts and one in the visual. One is a second date and the other is a first. And yes, I am concerned about tainting my feelings/thoughts. I am afraid that if I really like the work it will predispose me to like him more than I ought and conversely to not like him as much as I should (based on his other traits) if I don’t like the work. Perhaps it’s silly. It probably is. But I am just rethinking all of my previous dealbreakers and this was a big one for me.
    -SeanD, iamalejandra, WiiAdam,
    The absolute worse thing I can say is that I didn’t look. That’s basically saying that I didn’t care about this very important part of his life. I may love what I see but I have to look. Today. Dammit.