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So Much to Look Forward to

The situation with The GrownUp resolved itself shortly after I posted yesterday.  He emailed suggesting that we get together next Wednesday (I gave him a few days I was avaiable next week, and Wednesday was one of them.)  He proposed we go see a rather popular play and meet for drinks beforehand.   I said yes, that sounded lovely and so that’s what going to happen.  He’s already bought the tickets.  Why he didn’t reply for a couple of days and whether or not he’s seeing someone else, well, that stuff doesn’t really matter right now.  Heck, it’s only our .  I might still find out something horrible about him that’d make me never want to see him again (like he talks during plays).

In the meantime, I have my third date with The Musician tomorrow night.  He has a pretty intense schedule (which I can totally adapt to if we work out – I’ve adapted to worse) that makes weekend night dates pretty hard for him.  Sundays are his best night. I was planning on sending him an email sometime yesterday suggesting that I take him out to one of my favorite places.  It’s a few blocks from my apartment and I tend to take guys there for dinner the night I am thinking I might want to bring them back to my place for the first time.  Go ahead and read whatever you want to into that fact.

But then I got an email from him early in the day saying that he would like to cook dinner for me at his place.  Now, in my language that means, “I’d like to see you ”.  Which is cool – we’re both thinking the same thing.  But I was thinking my place and he was thinking his place.  I have to get up and into the office early on Monday and there is no way I’m spending the night at his place and then rushing home before work to change, etc.  I guess I’ll just play it by ear.  I haven’t done the, ‘leave a guy’s place in the middle of the night thing,’ in a long time.  Not really looking forward to doing it again.  It’s so 1986/About Last Night. OMG, I just realized that some of my readers were in elementary school in 1986, others weren’t even born yet.  Yikes.

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11 to “So Much to Look Forward to”

  1. Teifion says:

    I was born in 1986 😉

    I’m glad to hear that so far everything seems to be going well with both of the people that you are dating. I’m still waiting on a post saying what you want from dating as a whole though 😉

  2. recklessstudio says:

    If it makes you feel better, I was about 1 years old 😛

    That’s great. It’s funny how these things just happen. One minute, you’re thinking, “Dammit, another one.” And then something comes in like a wrench in the gears of your thoughts.

    A play is a rather interesting date. There is a lot that can be seen about a person in an artistic and psychological level. I just hope you have a good time.

    As for the musician, it’s good to see that you two are in sync in some ways. You seem to be a straight-forward kind of person. I’m sure if you told him how you felt, it would be fine. It is what is and if you express your concerns, he should be able to work with them come to some sort of win/win situation – a good sign a working relationship.

    Either way, you do have things to look forward to and I’m excited for you.

  3. bartemptress says:

    I was 4… but i hear the walk of shame is accepted now so no need to fret :)

  4. derek7272 says:

    That sounds like a really nice date!

  5. cjw666 says:

    Just to make you feel better (???) I was a hundred years old (or so) in 1986 and evn I would like to see you naked, but that’s another story entirely 😉

    Have a good date and for heaven’s sake stop WORRYING so much! :)

  6. mocona says:

    Good Luck Girl ! Hope for the Best ! xoxo

  7. Hypatia says:

    Well, I talk during plays, but that’s only to show how witty and insightful I am, and because I’m delightful and charming it’s not at all annoying… (/tongue firmly in cheek)

    Best of luck getting naked & having fun. I will endeavor not to be too jealous…

  8. SINgleGIRL says:

    Hmmm. A post on what I want from dating as a whole. I thought I’d covered that one, but I guess not. I’ll put it on the list and try to get to it soon. Maybe this week.
    Thanks and it is funny how quickly things change. I’m sure me and The Musician will work something out..ahem..
    What a hot avatar pic! Thanks doll. I’m not really concerned about he embarrassment – just the inconvenience of having to rush home and shower/change on a Monday morning before work.
    Thanks – not sure which date you mean but I think they both sounds pretty great.
    Finally someone who might get the About Last Night reference? Now you know telling me not to worry is like telling a dog not to bark.
    Thanks so much for joining the conversation and THX I could use some good luck for a change.
    Well that would be one way to eliminate him from the running. Could you imagine? And this is a serious/very serious play. One peep out of him and no good night kiss. Thanks darling.

  9. bellaressa says:

    Sounds like a great date. I wish you luck and best yet have fun!

  10. hoLLy haVok says:

    Hm….I was 3 in 1986 but definitely have seen About Last Night because I think Rob Lowe is one of the hottest guys EVER!
    This made me laugh because I have been in this situation where I make plans base on how close they are to my house and how easy/fast it would be to get there. It’s funny because I’m sure guys so this too even if they don’t realize it!!

    I’m sorry to hear that your date didn’t go well but we are all here to listen (read) when and if you feel like venting!

  11. SINgleGIRL says:

    Last night was a major disappointment but I am still really looking forward to a good time with The GrownUp on Wed. Fingers crossed.
    -hoLLy haVok
    You know, I think most guys don’t realize we think about this stuff. They tend to think about “scoring” with us as if we’re not planning for it too. I promise to vent when the time is right.