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I Am Not the Real Carrie Bradshaw

Sometimes my readers choose to send me private messages, rather than make public comments.  And I love getting them as much as I love it when people comment.

A while ago I got a lovely message from a reader telling me how much she liked the blog, and in her message she said that I was the real .  Now for those of you who don’t get that reference, is the name of the main character, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, in Sex and the City.  I wrote back and said thank you and then giggled a bit to myself.

It was a long time ago, but I’ve already outed myself as someone who wasn’t a fan of the show.  I don’t think it was awful, and some of the episodes were funny, but I laugh when I think there are people who believe that that was a realistic portrayal of New York single life. And no, I didn’t see the movie.

Anyway, I took a day recently to watch hours and hours of on DVD (thank you netflix).  I figured I should.  By the end of the day I knew one thing.  The very last person I’d ever want to be like is Carrie Bradshaw.  I realize she’s a fictional character and episodic television requires constant change and turmoil in the lives of the characters, but come on.  This woman was in love with a jerk and she let him walk all over her for years.

Now I get that she was supposed to have this deep, meaningful connection with him.  I know that feeling.  I’ve felt it.  And it’s led me to some truly crazy behavior.  But after a while a smart girl will wise up and move on.  Big (Big is the nickname she gave to her love interest)  strung her along season after season.  She was so hung up on him that she couldn’t appreciate the functional relationships that came her way.  And he treated her with about as much care and respect as I treat my bedroom slippers.  I’m happy to have them because they keep my feet warm, but when I’m not using them I just kick them off and into the bottom of the dark closet where no where will see them.

Seriously, I so appreciate the fact that people like my blog enough to read it regularly (There are two easy ways to make sure you don’t miss any posts:  you can follow me via the OnSugar system in which case you will be emailed each time I post, or you can subscribe to the RSS – click right down there on the bottom). And I know that the comparisons to Sex and the City are all compliments.  But please, if I ever start to act like Carrie Bradshaw, can someone curse me out or maybe even track me down and kill me?  ‘Cause I just think she was sad and I wouldn’t ever want to be like her.  Not at all.

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9 to “I Am Not the Real Carrie Bradshaw”

  1. maria (@piscesinpurple) says:

    I never liked that show. I sobbed like a baby when I watched the last episode, but resented it. You’re nothing like Carrie Bradshaw.

  2. michellebythec says:

    Well, as some one who once described you as “the real Carrie Bradshaw” I can honestly say that while it’s an excellent tagline, I was wrong =-) I mean that as a true compliment. You are so much better than Carrie could have been,

  3. SINgleGIRL says:

    -Maria(piscesinpurple) & michellebythec.
    Thank you both so much. I take the comparisons as compliments. I do. I just hope that I prove to be smarter about how I deal with men than she was. Oh lord, please let me be smarter than she was!

  4. hoLLy haVok says:

    You’re definitely not a Carrie!! I love SATC but I have to say Carrie is my least favorite of all the girls! Sure she has some funny one-liners but wow the stuff she puts herself through for the men in her life just makes me cringe! Sometimes it’s so pathetic I have to change the channel. I have never acted like that and the fact that some women can’t seem to help being that just makes me mad. I know it’s hard to control your emotions when you have such strong feelings for a guy but when my friends start being a Carrie I want to smack some sense into them!

  5. bobbyjensen says:

    Oh God, I’m gonna catch hell for this, but I thought that she (Carrie) portrayed one type of average woman, while the others did the same. Goes to show you what I know! “Oh lord, please let me be smarter than she was!” That would be my opinion based from your blog and her show, but really, how would one know?

  6. SINgleGIRL says:

    -hoLLy haVok,
    I just really resent the fact that she was portrayed as the hero of the show. Someone women might want to emulate. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who thought she was a pathetic character.
    First, thank you for saying that I come off smarter than her. And second, spend more time with flesh and blood real women. If you think that those characters represented types of real women then you should probably spend more time with some of your female friends. They were gross caricatures, at best.

  7. bobbyjensen says:

    Good advice SG-you’re certainly correct in the sense that I don’t spend much time hanging out at all lol-
    I meant that I thought the show was portraying woman that way on purpose. My opinion? I don’t watch it enough to really know, but it seems very popular with people (more than likely ladies). Entertainment value alone? Maybe not. “gross caricatures”? Wow, now you’ve peeked my interest :)

  8. SINgleGIRL says:

    The show is/was very popular. But I think that had to do with the fact that they talked openly about men and relationships and sex which is something women rarely see on television. That and they offered the opportunity for women to live a vicariously more fabulous life.

  9. bobbyjensen says:

    That makes good sense to me SG!