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Dating Doesn’t Always Suck

Recently I received a comment, not sure from where or who, that it would be nice to read some positive stories on my blog.  I get that, I do.  And luckily I’m in a position to oblige.

Yesterday morning I received a completely out of the blue, unsolicited email from The Musician. He left for vacation on Monday.  We last saw each other on Friday (, very chaste goodnight , barely even a ).  We exchanged emails on Sunday before he left.

So he’s checking in with me from his vacation, after just a couple of dates.  I see this as a really good thing.  And I know, reallly I do know, that he’s a good guy.  And I like him.  I don’t know about some other big stuff (are we sexually compatible, for example) but we’ll get to the big stuff when he get’s back from his vacation.  Now, just knowing that he was thinking of me was kind of a big deal.

And then last night I had a pretty awesome .  We both spent most of the night laughing and smiling.  In some ways he’s exactly like the guys I usually date and in other ways he’s completely different.  Early 40s, divorced, really cute, sucessful, blah, blah, blah…   But unusual for the guys I usually meet, he married and had a kid while he was pretty young and so he comes off as a lot more of a grown up than the men I’m used to spending time with. Anyway, for lack of a better nickname I’m going to call him The GrownUp.

I emailed The GrownUp early today and sent him a link to some music we were talking about and a few emails later we are already making plans for our next date.

So you see, I do have good dating experiences, too.  I now have 2 totally good prospects.  And screw the rest of them.  Really, screw ’em.  They can take their confusion and moodiness and go far, far away.

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5 to “Dating Doesn’t Always Suck”

  1. DetroitFitChick says:

    So glad that you have a few good prospects! It’s funny the way that you come up with the nicknames to keep your dates privacy intact, my girlfriend and I do the same thing but only b/c it’s so hard to keep up with them just referring to them by name. Alas, so many frogs…..

  2. starangel82 says:

    I’m glad you have some dates that you’ve had a good time on. More importantly, I’m glad you’ve met some guys you click with. I hope everything turns out well!
    You know, sometimes it’s easier to talk about the bad parts of dating than the good parts. Or of life for that matter. Maybe we get so wrapped up in the bad that we forget about the good. I always like to hear about both, but I’m really glad you’re getting some of the good now!

  3. Mrs M says:

    Take care not to keep two dates too close – I did once and lost both. Just sayin’! Netchik says hi!
    It has taken a while to register as a Google account doesn’t seem to work.

  4. bobbyjensen says:

    I’m not sure that posting your experiences as they are, or have been, are negative stories-just stories. I guess everyone likes positive results and happy endings, I do too. It’s good to hear about The Musician as he sounds quite promising!

  5. SINgleGIRL says:

    “Alas, so many frogs” – OMG, that is SO what I should have named this site. Dammit! Yeah, it’s cool I have a couple of good prospects now, but so soon with each that I keep having to remind myself not to invest any hope in either in them.
    You make a really good point. It easier easier to talk (frequently joke/mock/complain about) the bad stuff. And yeah, it’s good that I met some guys I clicked with. Now to see what happens next.
    -Mrs M
    I’m sorry you had technical difficulties with my site. We are working on those. But I’m glad you perservered (sp?).
    Like you, I don’t think my blog has been particularly negative re dating. I just write what happens and dating isn’t always fun and roses. But as you say, some people really like happy endings.