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I love  It’s one of my favorite websites.  I don’t often actually send cards from there.  I just like to read them.  They make me smile.

I was surfing the net during the less scintillating bits of the inauguration and I found one that said, “This inauguration feels like the first date with a really great guy after an eight-year dysfunctional relationship with a loser who spent all my money”.

I laughed.  I did.  There’s certainly an element of truth to that.  And then I thought about it.  Maybe the reason my date on Friday night was so amazing was because I saw in him so many of the qualities that have been lacking in the men in my life for the past couple of years.  Really, don’t we judge every new person we meet against the ones who came before them?

He was so open about his life.  I learned more about his family, his career, his passions, heck – even his taste in music than I ever knew about the last few guys I was involved with.  And his openness made me feel like I wanted to be open with him.  Like if we started dating I’d want to tell him about the blog sooner rather than later.  And that he’d be really kind of cool with it.  That he might even get a kick out of it.

Anyway, that’s where my head went.  It’s all premature. Ridiculously premature.

Again, I’m reminded of what so many people said about Obama during the campaign.  That people believed what they wanted to about him. That a desperate populace pinned whatever hopes and dreams they had on him, despite the fact that there was little evidence that he’d be able to deliver (BTW, I’m a pretty far to the left Democrat and long-time readers will remember my brief foray into politics in the days before the election when I begged people to vote for Obama, so I am not saying anything against our beloved new Pres.).  My point is that when we meet someone new, a potential boyfriend or girlfriend or a politician running for office, we compare them to what came before.  And if we are dissatisfied with the past, we tend to that they will be the answer to our prayers, the one who will bring us all of the _______fill in the blank________ (change, joy, excitement, stability, passion, honesty…) that we’ve been missing.

I have a lot of hope in our new President and I don’t think that that hope is misplaced.  I’m not quite ready to take odds on the guys in my current dating pool.


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