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Wow, You’re So Impressive

I live in and if there’s one thing we do well, here, it’s make people feel excluded. There are so many different places to go, so many different things to do, but there’s always going to be a shortlist of the hottest, hardest to get into bars and clubs (there are plenty of places on the web to figure out what those places are on any given week).

Here’s my opinion on those places in relation to dating. Don’t do it, especially for a . It’s not going to make you look cool or important. Seriously, it’s not. OK, it might, to some women. Some really shallow, vacuous women who are going to get off being in the same room with a bunch of B list celebrities. And if that’s who you want to date, then go for it.

Otherwise, no one really cares if you have the unlisted number to Milk and Honey or can get into The Beatrice Inn (yawn).

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