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The Few, The Proud, The Utterly Lacking in Imagination

I don’t know why, but there are still men who think trendy are good places for dates. Why oh why? There is nothing a guy can do to turn me off more than asking me to meet him at the W (any of the Ws) or the Mercer or the Hudson or Ava or any of the places that were hot 5-10 years ago or are still semi-hip now.

Boring. They’re all generic, overpriced, soul-less, loud and of pathetic places.

Picking one of these tells me that you are A)Trying to impress me with the fact that you can afford to spend that much money on drinks (sorry, not impressed). B)You have no imagination and probably don’t get out much, because you have don’t have any better ideas. C)You’re also probably insecure. You are sticking with a brand name and there’s a certain security to that.

Here’s my caveat regarding hotel bars. There are some old, classic hotel bars that are wonderful places for dates. I adore the Algonquin, for example.

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