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The Basics

I don’t believe in many rules when it comes to dating, but here’s one I believe in – never, never ever, commit to spending more than 30 minutes with someone on a .  There’s less than a 30 percent chance that you’re going to like this person.  I’m being generous here.  It’s probably even less likely than that.  Why would you commit to spending precious time with someone you don’t like?

Life is short.  There are hundreds of fun and meaningful ways to spend your time.  Don’t waste it on a lot of crappy dates. There are people who are going to tell you otherwise, who think that every date is another potential adventure.  If they want to waste hours a year making polite chitchat with someone they’re never going to see again, fine.  I’d rather go home early and read a great book.

So for first dates I’m going to advise you stick to drinks.  Drinks or some alternative activity that isn’t going to take up too much of your time.


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