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Bonus Points for Convenience

I’ll admit it. It’s a test. One of the reasons I want the men who ask me out on dates to select the place for us to meet is because it’s a test.

Where will they pick?

Some horrid, generic hotel ? A loud place near Times Square full of bridge and tunnel riff raff? Or maybe someplace delightful and surprising?

Oh, and will they make me travel to some far off neighborhood or will they meet me half-way?

In case you were wondering guys, making me travel all the way to your favorite place, even if it’s a great place that I really will like, on our might not be a good idea if it’s going to take me more than 3o-40 minutes to get there and another hour to get home. Chances are I’m not going to be in a particularly receptive mood if I’ve just worked all day and then spent 45 minutes on a crowded subway to get to you. You’re much better off spending some time, doing some research, and finding someplace that will cut done my commute. It will put me in a better mood.

And heck, if you go so far as to pick someplace that’s near my home, that’s a really big deal. It’s showing me that you’re thoughtful. And thoughtful goes a long way.

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